Forza Motorsport Makes Huge Changes to Car Progression

Forza Motorsport car progression

Forza Motorsport car progression

Forza Motorsport rips up the formula with its refreshing car progression system. Gone are the days of throwing cars at players. Instead, players have to buy cars and upgrade them slowly. Forza Motorsport’s Update 1.0 patch has changed how car progression works, but definitely in a good way.

Progressive racing

Too many racing games these days throw cars at players with no real feeling of reward. With hundreds of cars, these games are forced to dish them out just so players can experience them all.

Gran Turismo 7 does force players to grind to earn new cars but takes things too far the other way. Inflated car prices mean players must grind for hours just to buy a car, let alone upgrade it.

Forza Motorsport car progression
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Forza Motorsport shakes things up by lowering the purchase prices of cars to entice players to buy them, instead saving the grind for car progression. Buying and upgrading are split into two separate economies, with Credits used to buy cars and Car Points used to upgrade them. This focuses the grind on levelling up cars to earn more Car Points, but it did lead to a different issue.

Various upgrade items were originally locked behind higher levels, meaning players were forced to repeat races just to earn the XP needed to unlock new parts. Update 1.0 to Forza Motorsport fixes this in the best way possible, keeping the grind but also keeping things fun.

Big changes made to car progression in Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport's Update 1.0 changes the levels required to unlock various car parts. Previously, many parts were locked behind higher levels, forcing players to rank up quickly to gain access to them. Now, players don’t have to grind as much to unlock the better parts.

All upgrades are now unlocked by the time you reach level 25 on a car. This means the majority of car parts can now be unlocked within a single Builders Cup series. Players can then buy a car, take it through a series, and level it up enough to upgrade it exactly how they want.

Forza Motorsport Update 1.0 patch notes
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For players worried about losing the feeling of progression, Car Points remain unaffected by the update. You can buy any upgrade you want, but the number of upgrades you can afford per level is limited. Payouts for races also remain the same, so earning Credits to buy new cars is unaffected.

Car progression is just one area affected by Forza Motorsport’s Update 1.0 patch. You can read the full patch notes for Update 1.0 here.

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