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Digital Foundry's Forza Motorsport vs Gran Turismo 7 Comparison Has a Clear Winner

Forza Motorsport vs Gran Turismo 7 Comparison Has a Clear Winner
Credit: Digital Foundry

When it comes to video game technical analysis, Digital Foundry is the undisputed master. Over the years, the respected YouTube channel has become renowned for its in-depth graphics comparisons.

Its latest video comparison gives racing game fans the showdown they’ve been waiting for: Forza Motorsport vs Gran Turismo 7. And one of them is the clear winner.

Digital Foundry pits Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo 7 head-to-head

This heated rivalry between Forza and Gran Turismo dates back nearly 20 years when the original Forza Motorsport raced onto the original Xbox in 2005.

In what is surely the most comprehensive comparison between the two titans you’ll find online, Digital Foundry puts Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo 7 through their paces for over an hour, comparing everything from the car models to the track details.

To keep the comparison fair, both games were analysed at 4K resolution with 60fps and HDR disabled. Forza Motorsport was captured on Xbox Series X with the high-resolution texture pack installed, while GT7 was played in quality mode.

The results of this latest duel are eye-opening. While both games look stunning, they adopt different art styles. Looking at them side by side, GT7 sports a glossier look with oversaturated colours, whereas Forza Motorsport’s graphics look more grounded, giving the game a muted colour palette compared to GT7. Which art style is better is subjective and depends on your preference.

Interestingly, Digital Foundry discovered that car paint is less accurate in Forza Motorsport on some models. This perhaps isn’t surprising after Forza Motorsport was ridiculed by fans for its outdated car models dating back to previous generation games.

Forza Motorsport vs Gran Turismo 7 Toyota GR Supra comparison
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Credit: Digital Foundry

Forza Motorsport has better damage modelling, however, with cars getting bruised and battered in crashes with visible paint scratches. That said, don't expect Wreckfest-levels of damage in a game with licenced cars.

When comparing the track details, both games offer advantages and disadvantages. Forza features more detailed tyre barriers, but GT7’s track surfaces have higher-quality textures.

Notably, Forza’s trees are 3D and more dense, but the shape and placement of GT7’s trees are more accurate in Spa when compared to the real-life location. It's a testament to Polyphony’s painstaking attention to detail that this is a small detail you don't notice in motion unless you see it in a side-by-side comparison.

Forza Motorsport vs Gran Turismo 7 Spa
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Credit: Digital Foundry

Forza Motorsport vs Gran Turismo 7: Which game is better?

Although the video is objective, Digital Foundry's comparison crowns Gran Turismo 7 as the winner. Forza Motorsport boasts ray-traced reflections, but GT7 is more polished overall, with superior car models and more accurate circuits.

As Digital Foundry notes, Polyphony Digital’s passion for cars is reflected throughout GT7’s slick presentation. Forza Motorsport’s uninspired menu design feels soulless by comparison. 

Forza Motorsport vs Gran Turismo 7 Digital Foundry interior
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Credit: Digital Foundry

Microtransactions aside, it's also safe to say that GT7 launched in a better state than Forza Motorsport, which has been plagued with bugs and glitches since it launched. That said, both are still excellent games with different strengths and weaknesses.

If you have an hour to spare, Digital Foundry’s extensive Forza Motorsport vs Gran Turismo 7 comparison is well worth a watch.

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