How to change flag in Gran Turismo 7

One of the things we love about Gran Turismo 7 is the level of customisation it offers. New players can turn on an assortment of driving assists as they hone their skills. You can also change the camera view, remap the controls, and change the difficulty.

GT7 also gives you a driver profile that displays your nickname and country to all players. Many players want to know how to change flag in Gran Turismo 7.

How to change flag in Gran Turismo 7

Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to change your flag in Gran Turismo 7. There are no in-game settings to change the flag displayed on your profile.

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Your country flag in GT7 is linked to your PSN account

This is because the country flag displayed on your profile is linked to your PlayStation Network (PSN_ profile. As a result, your country flag in GT7 matches the location chosen when creating a PSN profile. For example, a Union Jack flag is displayed if you live in the UK.

GT7 is enjoyed by players all around the world and displaying a country flag next to player usernames is Polyphony’s way of showcasing the game’s worldwide popularity. An option to change your country flag in GT7 would be useful for players who have changed location since setting up a PSN account. Unfortunately, Polyphony hasn’t announced if this option will be added in future GT7 updates.

Changing PSN account

If you want to change the country flag in GT7, there is a workaround. But it means creating a new PSN account and losing your current account.
To create a new account, visit the PSN website.

Then press sign in and go to create an account. You’ll then need to enter a new email address that isn’t already linked to a PSN account.

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There is a workaround to change your profile country flag in GT7 - but you'll lose your GT7 save data

From here, enter your sign-in ID, date of birth, password, and gender. You’ll also see a drop-down box allowing you to select a region. Remember, your region can’t be changed once your PSN account is changed.

If you want to change your flag in GT7, we don’t recommend using this method, however. Save data can’t be transferred to new PSN accounts, so you’ll lose any progress made in GT7 on your old account.

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