How to change weather in Gran Turismo Sport

With Gran Turismo 7 seemingly a long way off being released, Gran Turismo Sport is still the most up-to-date GT game. That's not a bad thing though, as there is so much content in GT Sport to sink your teeth into.

A lot of players won't know how to change the time of day that your race is going to take place. The same is true for the weather too, as this changes with the part of the day or night that you choose to go for. Here's the guide you need to alter these settings!

Changing the time of day

You cannot change the time of day nor the weather for a race in Campaign. Therefore, the only way to change this is to start up a single race or enter time trial. From the main menu, go to the Arcade menu and for the purpose of this tutorial, go to Single Race.

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You'll then be brought to this screen, where you can choose a circuit to race on. For this tutorial, we chose Brands Hatch.

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The conditions window will then pop up onto your screen. Each time of day has different conditions ranging from sunny to cloudy. Choose which one you want to race in by pressing X and go from there.

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If you change your mind though, you can alter the time of day and conditions without backing out of the race you've started. From the main single race screen below, go to the top-left of the screen and select Race Settings. From there, you can change the conditions once again before starting your engine.

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When it rains, it pours

A major gripe of GT players is that GT Sport doesn't have many options if you want to have a wet race. There is only one circuit where you can race in the rain in GT Sport, and that's the Red Bull Ring.

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If you select the Red Bull Ring, you can opt to have a wet race if you choose 10:45 or 17:35 for the time. You can race around this Austrian circuit at these times of day with the rain pouring, but this is the only circuit that allows for this.

It's possible that Polyphony will patch this at a later date. Given that most of the GT developers' attention will be on GT7 though, that's doubtful.

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