How to get free cars in Gran Turismo Sport

Everyone wants something for nothing, and Gran Turismo Sport players are certainly no different!

While buying cars in the game is simple enough to do, earning yourself a free car can be much more satisfying. We're here to show you exactly how it can be done.

Daily Workouts

Completing the Daily Workout is perhaps the easiest way in Gran Turismo Sport to earn yourself a new car for free!

All you need to do is simply drive for 26.21 miles in the game each day. It doesn't matter how you complete these miles, as they can be achieved in the Arcade Mode or Sport Mode. Both modes count!

daily workout
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WORK IT: Once you've completed your Daily Workout, the game teases four potential gift cars before revealing one of them

Driving School

Completing a number of events in the Driving School is a really easy way of obtaining prize cars in Gran Turismo Sport.

The Driving School section is available in the Campaign mode of the main menu, and is similar to the license tests you'd find in previous Gran Turismo games.

There are 48 tests in total and they're divided into six rows and composed of eight tests each. Each test varies in difficulty, and aims to teach players the basics of driving and racing in the game. The player is rewarded with a new car each time a row is completed.

driving school
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GO FOR GOLD: Excelling in the Driving School will see you earn additional prize cars

Additional prize cars are also given if the tests are completed with all silver and all gold medals. Collecting all of the silver medals earns you the Lamborghini Veneno '14, while all the gold medals will earn you the Nissan GT-R Safety Car.

Mission Challenge

Much like the Driving School, the Mission Challenge mode is an easy to way to earn yourself some free cars!

Here, you can try your hand at a range of varied driving missions. There are 64 missions in total, each divided into eight stages with all the events done in stage order. For each eight-race stage completed, the player will receive a random prize car!

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MISSIONS: Finish all eight missions in a row to win your prize car!

Circuit Experience

A slightly harder way of earning prize cars is by completing every challenge of each track in the Circuit Experience mode.

Here, you simply learn each track on Gran Turismo Sport sector-by sector. Completing each track will unlock a map decal in the Livery Editor, as well as a random prize car once you get all the gold medals on a track.

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ARE YOU EXPERIENCED: All gold? Earn yourself a prize car for your troubles

Mileage Points

Mileage Points are earned by taking to the track and completing in-game achievements.

The longer the distance of a race, the more the Mileage Points are earned. These can then be used as currency in the Mileage Exchange, where you can purchase unique vehicles.

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MILES AND MILES: Mileage points can be used right here

Gran Turismo 7

We have some bad news for you racing fans - the arrival of Gran Turismo 7 has been put on hold, with the release of the next game reportedly delayed until 2022.

So, for now, you'll have make do with this rather snazzy trailer.

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