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Fanatec's 8 Nm CSL DD Wheel Base Is On SALE!

A black square-shaped wheel base with a silver connector and a black power bank wired into the back.
Credit: Fanatec

Sim racing is an expensive hobby, especially if you want to buy all the peripherals. From the racing seat to the wheel, and even a wheel base, there are a ton of areas where you can invest heavily in upgrading. Luckily, Fanatec has you covered if you're interested in the latter, with a deal available right now on its CSL DD Wheel Base.

Today, you can pick up this amazing wheel base for $449.95, saving you $50 overall. As we highlighted just the other day in our CSL DD WRC deal post (which is still live by the way), Fanatec rarely offers discounts on its products, with this direct drive base being one of just two products we could find currently on sale on its website. That makes this one of the best deals on sim racing gear around, in our opinion. Here's why...

Fanatec CSL DD product image of a black square-shaped wheel base with a silver connector.
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Credit: Fanatec

For less than usual, you get a powerful direct drive base that mounts directly to your wheel's motor shaft, providing 8 Nm of undiluted feedback from whatever racing game you're playing. You get so much torque because it comes with Fanatec's Boost Kit 180, helping to unlock the full performance of the direct drive motor.

It's also incredibly easy to set up; simply plug it in and utilise the simplified Standard Tuning Menu to get started. However, serious sim racers can customise their experience using the Advanced Tuning Menu, allowing for some additional fine-tuning to suit your personal driving style.

Ultimately, this device is a beast and well worth investing in if you're looking to add direct drive technology to your setup. With a $50 discount too, now is a great time to buy it.

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