Moza Reveals First-Ever Trucking Simulation Wheel

Moza Launches New Bespoke Trucking Wheel

Moza Launches New Bespoke Trucking Wheel

Attention trucking and farming sim fans: this new wheel is just for you. Moza has launched the Moza TSW Truck Wheel, designed specifically for the virtual trucking market.

Let’s take a look at what the Moza TSW Truck Wheel has to offer.

First of its kind

The Moza TSW Truck Wheel is touted as the "first steering wheel tailor-made for truck simulators" like Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. To replicate the real thing, the TSW Truck Wheel has the same 400mm diameter you would find in a real trucking cab.

Moza TSW Truck Wheel
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By replicating the real thing, players can be more deeply immersed in the world of trucking as they hit the virtual road. The wheel itself is crafted from microfibre, hand-stitched leather, giving the perfect feel whether it’s cruising along the highway or negotiating a tricky delivery manoeuvre.

The internal frame of the wheel is constructed from aerospace-grade aluminium, giving it a lightweight but strong structure while also maximising durability. Everything about the wheel’s structure has been carefully designed to optimise performance where it’s needed most, and that includes the button layout.

Mapping the perfect drive

The Moza TSW Truck Wheel comes with 14 realistic short travel buttons, mapped out exactly as they would be on a real trucker’s wheel. These include buttons for headlights, indicators, windscreen wipers, and even volume controls for the in-game radio.

Moza TSW Truck Wheel
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Each and every button has an RGB backlight, with up to 16.7 million colour combinations for the perfect button setup. This is complemented by an RPM LED strip across the top of the wheel, with 10 lights with the same 16.7 million colour combinations.

Along with the buttons, each side of the TSW Truck Wheel also has a thumbwheel and joystick, able to be used as a selector and D-pad respectively. This adds to the customisation the wheel offers.

The TSW Truck Wheel offers an unrivalled trucking experience, but what’s the cost of a setup like that?

Price of the road

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Considering what it offers, you’d expect the Moza TSW Truck Wheel to come with an upper-tier price tag. The reality, however, is that the TSW Truck Wheel is priced much more affordably.

At the time of writing, the Moza TSW Truck Wheel is priced at £299 (approx $378). This makes it affordable compared to other wheels, although this is a bespoke truck wheel rather than a racing wheel.

The wheel can be shipped with a clamp, but this costs an additional £39 (approx $50). The TSW Truck Wheel is designed to work with all Moza wheelbases, plus third-party wheelbases thanks to Moza’s universal adapter and open ecosystem, so you’ll be able to use the wheel with any wheelbase.

The wheel is also compatible with Moza’s Pit House software, enabling even more customisation. Now players can go trucking in style without their wheel letting them down.

You can order the Moza TSW Truck Wheel directly from Moza’s website, with shipping due to begin in early March 2024.

What do you think of the Moza TSW Truck Wheel? Let us know in the comments below!

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