Can You Run iRacing on Xbox One?

iRacing is the most popular and successful racing simulator game of our time. And for all new players wondering whether or not you can run iRacing on Xbox One, I have bad news.

As is the case for all other consoles, iRacing is not available on the Xbox One.

Let's take a look at what that means for console players, and why we haven't seen the game on console yet!

PC exclusive

iRacing being the realistic simulator it is, is only accessible through PC. While it is possible for the game to come to consoles, it's not quite likely. The game has been around for a very long time, and it doesn't seem like there are plans to port to console anytime soon, or ever.

iRacing Grids
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REALISTIC RACING: Being a PC exclusive helps iRacing focus on maintaining the most realistic experience for drivers.

In fact, iRacing considers itself, a different part from "console racing" games. In a section titled "iRacing vs. Console Racing", the developers make claims about why PC gaming is much better than console gaming. iRacing provides the best experience for the players, with the game being "more refined" towards the racing fans. Console games cater for a general audience. However, iRacing is made by the racers, and for the racers.

Why not consoles?

With the technology and advancements of racing games on the PC, it would be hard for the consoles to keep up. Consoles don't get upgrades regularly, unlike PCs. And with the ever-growing world of iRacing, with its car technology and track technology, will not find the same freedom to grow on consoles.

iRacing Cockpit
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THE NEW ERA: Unforeseen levels of advanced cars, track, physics and realism technology!

Moreover, porting the already existing game and code over to the Xbox one will be a difficult task. And from the way iRacing operates, the freedom of the PC is not replicable elsewhere. The developers give their full attention to keeping the game running smoothly, with few glitches. Additionally, you don't have to upgrade to the next-gen consoles in order to get the best, most realistic, experience.

iRacing for Xbox One

Currently and for the foreseeable future, iRacing is going to remain a PC title. But this isn't a bad thing. To all people who cannot run iRacing because of Xbox One not being supported, we feel for you. But, we have to admit that the iRacing team choosing to limit their focus to PC helps them focus on keeping the game as best as it can be!

iRacing is not supported on Xbox One
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NO CONSOLE ZONE: iRacing is not supported on consoles, as the entire focus of the game is on catering to the dedicated racing fans, and giving the best. most realistic experience.

iRacing has been doing a great job at maintaining its position as the best racing simulator of our generation. And we have to take our hats off to the team for keeping the game the best it can be, and always working on improving the technology and the game, consistently!

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