How Much Does It Cost to Get Started in iRacing?

Being the most realistic simulator among all Racing games, iRacing has established a name for itself. Moreover, it has attracted the attention of racing fans all over the globe.

So, you're interested in starting your iRacing career? But you're wondering how much does it cost to get started in iRacing?

We have all the numbers for you!

Setup costs

We've previously covered here at Racing Games how much a setup would cost you. And it is obvious that the very main thing you will need is your computer. To give you a quick recap, you're going to need your system to meet the specifications required specs that iRacing required, and at least having the bare minimum.

iRacing PC bundle - How much does it cost to get started in iRacing
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BUNDLED UP: iRacing offers you a starter pack for a full system that's ready to play! A good option if your budget is not too limited!

We speculated that to meet the minimum requirements and build a PC that runs iRacing smoothly, you'd be looking between $560 – $760! It might sound like a lot, but remember that a computer is useful for so many more things, and if you don't have a good one, this would be a good investment overall aside from just gaming! On the other hand, if you've already got a good rig, you won't be needing any upgrades most likely! You can check if your system can run iRacing with this tool found on their website!

Monthly membership

If you haven't already heard about this, then iRacing is not a one-time payment kind of game. In order to play iRacing, you need to subscribe monthly, and that will let you access the game, the members' website, free cars and tracks, and so much more!

iRacingSim64 Get started in iRacing!
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SUBSCRIBTUAL RACING: iRacing's tracks are exclusive to those dedicated members subscribing every month!

The subscription starts at $13.99, however, iRacing has deals and discounts on them quite often! You can check all the current prices on their website! At the moment, new players can get a month for $4.97 if they get the 2-year bundle! However, a single month would cost $7.80. So if you plan on playing long term, getting a bigger bundle will save you some money per month!

The cost to get started in iRacing

All in all, you're looking around either the cost of a setup and membership, which totals to around approximately $600, but it can get way more expensive than that.

The better you want your experience to be, the more you will have to pay. A better computer, a Virtual Reality headset, force feedback wheels, the limit is your imagination!

iRacing Dallara 2
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ACCURATE SIMULATION: Can iRacing get to creating a life-like simulation that's indistinguishable from real racing?

And that's everything folks. We hope you are on track to building your iRacing setup, career, and ready to put the pedal to the metal!

For more news, opinion, and takes on iRacing, make sure to tune back in here at Racing Games!

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