iRacing 2023 Season 2 Update: Massive patch brings updates everywhere

iRacing is starting 2023 with a bang thanks to its huge Season 2 update. iRacing is well known as one of the best and most comprehensive racing games on the market right now.

The Season 2 update is massive and adds new content as well as quality of life improvements for all players of iRacing. We've got the highlights, complete patch notes from the developers and everything in between right here!

iRacing 2023 Season 2

There's so much to go through when it comes to this update that it's easy to miss some of the finer and juicier details. We've rounded up the highlights here for you.

There's a new automatic re-fuelling mode, as well as a new braking system for certain cars such as the GT3 and GT4 cars. Jerez also has some new configurations.

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On the car front, there's the new Renault Clio R.S.V. The whole User Interface has been given a visual refresh. The Start Zone Jump Start assessment has been fine tuned to be more accurate.

AI racing has also been improved for 4 cars and 26 circuit configurations. Furthermore, hundreds of new setups are now available for a variety of vehicles, as well as a new damage model for some vehicles.

Full patch notes

Those were just the highlights, there's far more in total that's brought in with this update. Here's the full list published by the developers:


iRacing has had some underlying architecture and components completely swapped out for new modern versions that will ultimately behave and function exactly the same.

  • This architecture change includes a new overall visual aesthetic for iRacing.
  • This is a large background and development change that will make things easier for our software team going forward.
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Credit: iRacing

License displays in the status bar have been improved.

The button to open the Settings window has been moved from the top-right helmet drop-down menu to the bottom-left corner of the main navigation list.

The Reset button from Options & Settings now also clears all favorites, shows all confirmations, and auto-starts all tours.

Fixed an issue where external URLs, such as Twitch links, would not open.


Fixed Member Club icon showing up twice in the Profile modal.

Fixed the issue where the Member Profile window did not open at the correct size if accessed directly from the Home > Dashboard > My Career button.

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Credit: iRacing

When viewing someone else’s profile, a note has been added that displays when that user was last online.

Removed user managed Personal Information fields except Nickname and League Website and renamed the Personal Information section to About.

Go Racing

Fixed an issue that caused non-repeating events to disappear from the Race Guide if the selected time was after the events began.

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Credit: iRacing

Fixed an issue where the “Go Racing” menu was displayed behind the Sort/Tags options.


The Season Results tab on the Series modal window has been renamed “Series Results” to better reflect the tab’s contents.

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Credit: iRacing


A new column, “Field Size” has been added to the Series Results List by day.

  • Season Session Results have been updated with a mouse-over tooltip showing the breakdown of car class entries for the Field Size value.

Resolved an issue on the Results & Stats page where Rookie Licenses were displaying iRating in the Series Stats table.

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Credit: iRacing

AI Racing

A Time of Day warning about missing stadium lights will now appear when creating AI Racing sessions if one is needed.

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A new option for League Seasons has been added: “No Drops on or After Week X”. This allows the user to specify that race weeks cannot be dropped after a given week number. This feature is only enabled if the number or drop weeks is not 0.

Optimized some Search queries for Leagues.

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Credit: iRacing

Resolved an issue when creating a Hosted Event and clicking "Enable League Racing", the dropdown list of a user's leagues was not populating.

Resolved an issue where "My Leagues" was not properly loading when it was the last viewed page of the interface before it was last closed.

Resolved an issue where returning to My Leagues or initially loading the page caused a reference error when "Favorites" were applied as a filter on the page.

Paint Shop

Fixed an issue that could cause spacing between letters to be too wide or narrow when painting driver names on some cars.

Stats & Standings

The width of the Position column has been increased for the “My Relative Standings” section.

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Credit: iRacing

Fixed an issue where extra unneeded data requests were being made for the background image for Recent Series, which could cause the page to error.


Resolved an issue that could occur when deleting multiple replays in a row.

Fixed an issue with the Display Mode modal window not closing correctly.


When reconnecting to a race, a fresh repair is now always sent to the server in case there was a meatball penalty state conflict. For example, someone disconnects right after getting a meatball, but their car state didn't get saved, so when they reconnect they get a car without meatball damage, but still have the meatball penalty, and now it won't clear. This update-on-reconnect should make sure the server's meatball is back in sync with the car state.

You can check out the rest of the patch notes here.

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