iRacing Announces Surprise Arcade Spin-Off With Circuit Superstars Dev

iRacing Announces Partnership With Circuit Superstars Developer

iRacing Announces Partnership With Circuit Superstars Developer

In a surprise move, iRacing has announced a partnership with studio Original Fire Games. This partnership will see an arcade spin-off for iRacing developed by Original Fire Games to be published by iRacing in 2025.

The ultimate simulator

First released in 2008, iRacing is arguably the most realistic racing sim ever created. The game combines LIDAR-scanned cars and tracks, along with an incredibly refined physics model, to create a truly immersive experience for sim racers.

iRacing Announces Partnership With Circuit Superstars Developer
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There’s also the dynamic day-night cycle, as well as the Tempest weather system introduced in early 2024. This finally added the dynamic weather system fans had been hoping for for years.

iRacing is frequently used by real-world racing teams in order to train drivers and engineers. From NASCAR teams to even Formula 1 outfits, iRacing has always been a useful tool used for developing the car ready for upcoming seasons.

Three-time Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen is also a keen iRacing player. The Dutchman famously managed to juggle both winning the F1 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix back in May while his Team Redline unit crossed the finish line to win the virtual Nurburgring 24 Hours on iRacing.

With its focus on realism and immersion, you wouldn’t expect iRacing to venture into the world of arcade racing. This is despite the developer producing the official NASCAR game due to launch on consoles in 2025.

However, iRacing has announced it will publish an arcade spin-off of the racing sim, with a new partner developing the title.

iRacing partners with Original Fire Games

iRacing has this week unveiled a new partnership with developer Original Fire Games. Known for producing the top-down arcade racer Circuit Superstars, this partnership will see the studio develop the iRacing arcade title.

iRacing Announces Partnership With Circuit Superstars Developer
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Circuit Superstars is a highly regarded top-down racer that blends an arcade aesthetic with realistic driving physics. Up to 12 racers can compete in races, with four-player compatibility mixed with AI drivers.

Developed under the working title iRacing Arcade, the iRacing spin-off game is set to release in 2025 on PC and consoles. iRacing Arcade is set to build upon the foundations of Circuit Superstars, taking the fun arcade experience to the next level.

In the announcement, iRacing revealed that iRacing Arcade will feature a career mode for players to enjoy, alongside other diverse racing modes. The game is to be targeted towards racers of all ages, moving away from the model set by iRacing in the sim world.

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iRacing Arcade will sit alongside iRacing’s other published titles. These include World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing, the 2025 NASCAR entry, and ExoCross, set to release later this month.

Although initially seen as a move away from the norm at first glance, iRacing Arcade will be in good company when it launches next year. iRacing has also confirmed that Circuit Superstars has not been acquired as part of the partnership, with ownership remaining with Original Fire Games and publisher Square Enix Collective.

“iRacing has long been interested in expanding into other niches in the race gaming market, and we’re thrilled to be doing that with Original Fire Games,” said iRacing president Tony Gardner.

“We have a lot of respect for what they’ve done with Circuit Superstars, as a lot of our team have played and loved the game. Their existing game is fun, very high quality, and the driving is great, three of the things we insist all our games have. Teaming up with them is the perfect opportunity for us to enter this space with a strong foundation that we can build upon."

Circuit Superstars
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"Games like these cultivate new racing enthusiasts who eventually become the next generation of sim racers and the future player base for our simulations. We can’t wait for players to get their hands on this all-new finished product.”

“What we created with Circuit Superstars showed us that there is a hunger for arcade-like racing experiences that are true to motorsport," Original Fire Games' co-founder and studio director Carolina Mastretta added.

"As an industry leader of the sim racing space for nearly two decades, iRacing has talent, expertise and technology that can help us catalyze the potential of the foundation we’ve built so far. iRacing has been successfully venturing into new racing genres and they recognized the potential of our debut title. This convergence of our two companies presents a fantastic opportunity to craft our finest game yet.”

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