iRacing: How to get out of Rookie class as quickly as possible!

So, you finally got your dream sim-racing rig for Christmas and you're looking to get racing.

However, you're now stuck in Rookie hell on iRacing, and have no idea how to get out.

Let's get you out of Rookies, and into some real racing action right now!

Safety, safety, safety

One of the major keys to advancing in iRacing is your safety rating. We spoke about this in our in-depth iRacing guide.

iRacing Rookie 1
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VARIETY: iRacing has a number of different series to race!

For getting out of Rookies, the case is exactly the same. Your every thought when racing should be on safety principles.

This means no contact, don't leave the track, maintain control of your car at all times... You get the picture!

Tips and Tricks: Part 1

There are a number of recommendations that we have for drivers trying to make it out of Rookie class.

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CLOSE KNIT: Racing is often very close!

Firstly, in your first races, only partake in practice and skip qualifying. The last thing you want is to qualify in the middle of the pack and get shunted on the first corner.

We can avoid this by foregoing qualifying entirely, and starting from the pits. When you do, let the pack drive off for a number of seconds before leaving the pits.

Tips and Tricks: Part 2

Secondly, when racing, you'll want to replicate what we did in qualifying... which is as little as possible.

iRacing Rookie 3
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VISUALS: The game looks stunning on the right hardware!

Unless you are completely certain that you can safely pull off an overtake, try to avoid close racing.

This will limit any contact, and also prevent any vengeful sore losers seeking revenge!

Tips and Tricks: Part 3

Our third and final tip is to race within your limits. This means, no track heroics or pushing when on a track that you don't know well.

iRacing Rookie 4
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NUMBERS: Some grids can be huge!

As you can probably already tell, our main goal is to stay clean and consistent.

You won't be doing much of that when you're pushing 110% every lap and spinning off track in true sbinnala style!


iRacing itself is a subscription-based sim-racer for PC users.

Simply pay a monthly fee and you'll have access to a plethora of monthly races and more.

iRacing is often deemed to be one of the defining sims for those on PC, so get involved soon here!

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