Mario Kart Tour Campaign Gift - Twitter campaign gifts, how to claim & more!

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Mario Kart Tour is an awesome handheld Mario title, perfect to enjoy with friends in some close multiplayer action!

Every once in a while, there will be a Twitter campaign from the team behind Mario Kart Tour. This will unlock certain rewards for players of the game, which they can claim on their device.


So, let's take a look at how these Campaign Gifts work, how you need to claim them, and what they offer!

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What are Campaign Gifts?

In Mario Kart Tour, excitingly, these are free offerings for completing certain objectives outlined by the Mario Kart Tour Twitter.

mario kart tour builder luigi
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GET PLAYING: Mario Kart Tour is an awesome game for all!

However, they don't always focus on Retweets or Likes. For example, the most recent (and successfully completed) campaign was a photo-sharing one.

When completed, players receive some awesome in-game items and gifts.

How to claim them

Often appearing as in-game currency, coins, campaign gifts are exceptionally easy to claim, as shown in this video!

From the game's main menu, simply select gifts in the bottom left of your screen.

After this, you'll just have to accept the gifts. For the most recent campaign, there is a huge reward of 15,000 coins!


Retweet and Photo campaigns

For those wondering, retweet and photo-sharing campaigns are the most common and give rise to the common coin prizes.

Thankfully, and for those wondering, you don't have to be on Twitter or even have a Twitter account to claim these rewards.

Simply log back on to the game after the campaign is complete, and you'll receive the reward.


Ninja Tour

The new tour landed today and lasts until April 20th for all players of the game. This means there are two weeks for you to get playing, get those challenges done (like the pesky bamboo ones!) earn some big rewards.

mario kart tour grid
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GRID TIME: You’ll need to make sure you’re fast off the line!

This Tour, there are 255 total Grand Stars to collect in order to earn all the prizes, you’ll need to make sure you get racing.


This time, the Gold Pass offers some exciting incentives also, including 1,100 coins, 30 rubies, and 15 total item tickets over the free rewards.