Mario Kart Tour debuts exclusive track!

Mario Kart is perhaps the most beloved racing franchise in the world. It's not really a surprise given its long history and incredibly fun gameplay.

Mario Kart Tour is the mobile arm of the franchise, and wildly popular as it brings the traditional Mario Kart chaos to a new platform. With it, comes an exclusive new track!

Welcome to Ninja Hideaway

As part of the game's Ninja Tour, which has only just started, Mario Kart Tour has added an exclusive track called "Ninja Hideaway".

You can take it all in below!

Previously, the game had focused on adding existing tracks from previous console releases, as well as some variations like reverse routes or extra jump ramps.

“Race under cover of darkness, illuminated just by the light of an ominous moon. The new Ninja Hideaway course debuts in Mario Kart Tour,” developer DeNA said. “Dodge the falling ceiling and keep an eye out for stray ninja… It’ll take a keen eye to get 1st place!”

Other new features

Along with the new track comes Shy Guy as a playable driver, a Ninja Scroll glider, and the Jade Hop Rod kart.

These join the usual cast of characters Mario Kart fans are familiar with in a game that is free-to-play and accessible via Apple Store and Google Play.

Bear in mind there are plenty of micro-transactions lurking within the game though.

Mario Kart 9?

It's been almost four years since Mario Kart 8 Deluxe hit the Nintendo Switch, and while it is still selling at a monstrous rate and a joy to play, fans are starting to look ahead to the next Mario Kart release on the handheld console.

mario kart 8
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GOING PRO: Will fans have to wait for the Switch Pro before we get a new Mario Kart title?

We assume this will be titled Mario Kart 9, but you never know with Nintendo! There are plenty of features and additions to the next game fans want to see, but Nintendo has never kept to a strict schedule when it comes to Mario Kart games, so it could still be a few years before we get the next one.

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