Best April Fools’ Day 2022 racing game gags

It’s that time of year again. April Fool’s Day is a day every news writer loathes as the internet is rife with fake rumours, fictitious products, and far-fetched joke stories.

Racing game developers have been having fun and getting creative on social media today with some hilarious pranks that made us giggle.

We’ve rounded up all the best April Fools’ Day 2022 gags in the world of racing games for your amusement.

GRID Legends supports Razer HyperSense suit

One of the most elaborate April Fools’ Day pranks in the racing game scene this year comes from Codemasters. Razer announced a fictional full-body gaming suit called the HyperSense featuring immersive haptic technology and over 1,333,337 sensors.

GRID Legends will be one of the first games to incorporate Razer’s HyperSense technology, Codemasters announced on social media.

Those wearing the HyperSense suit while playing GRID Legends will experience “real-time bruising” in crashes, “simulated sweat” in races over ten laps, and the “warm embrace of Nathan McKane,” the antagonist in GRID Legends.

WRC 10 Nacon-Chan livery

Nacon, the parent company of French studio Kylotonn Racing behind the WRC game series, presented a new mascot character known as Nacon-Chan.

As part of the rebranding, WRC 10 players can download a livery featuring the manga-style mascot character.

Fiat Multipla coming to Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

Kylotonn also revealed a new car coming to Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown: a gold Fiat Multipla. Because there's no better car for exploring the island of Hong Kong.

Considering we still haven’t seen any gameplay footage or screenshots of the open-world racer, this was a cruel prank. Shame on you Kylotonn!

Euro Truck Simulator 2 ZX Spectrum Edition

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Euro Truck Simulator 2, SCS Soft is planning something special. In a surprise announcement, the popular truck simulation getting a ZX Spectrum port just in time for the home computer’s 40th anniversary.

Euro Truck SImulator 2 ZX Spectrum Edition
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Compromises were made to get Euro Truck Simulator 2 running on ZX Spectrum

Naturally, some compromises were made since the ZX Spectrum only has a 3.5 MHz CPU with up to 48 kb of RAM.

To get the advanced truck simulation running on the 8-bit machine, Euro Truck Simulator 2 ZX Spectrum Edition incorporates a new top-down perspective, limited-colour graphics, and simplified physics.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 ZX Spectrum Edition screenshot
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Euro Truck Simulator 2 ZX Spectrum Edition incorporates a new top-down perspective

RaceRoom shopping trolley

From the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo to the McLaren 720S GT3, there have been some impressive car debuts in RaceRoom this year. But these pale in comparison to RaceRoom's latest car: a shopping trolley.

Naturally, RaceRoom's shopping trolley is fitted with some unusual modifications including racing tyres and a nitrous system. With its low driving position and low, it offers a visceral racing experience.

Fanatec Aroma Bar

Fanatec revealed a new aroma bar, a new sim racing peripheral that generates a variety of authentic smells. As you race, you’ll smell burnt rubber, race fuel, and exhaust gases, increasing the immersion.

In Advance mode, different scents are triggered by telemetry in supported games or you can finetune scents in FanaLab.

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