CarX Drift Racing Online Price: How much does it cost on PC, PS4, Xbox One & mobile?

There's just something about CarX Drift Racing Online that keeps us coming back for more sideways action. CarX is probably the best drifting game on the market and is available on multiple systems now. Having begun as a mobile game, CarX technologies have expanded the title to the PC and console market.

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But where is CarX the cheapest? And what are the differences in prices between the versions? We've got everything you need to know right here!


We'll begin with the mobile versions of CarX, as that's where the game began its journey. Currently, on the Android Play Store, CarX is available for free! This is an absolute bargain and definitely worth checking out if you have an Android phone or tablet.

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BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FOR FREE: CarX is currently available on Android and iOS devices for absolutely no cost!

It's the same story on the Apple App Store too, as CarX is 100% free on there too. Download now on your iPhone or iPad now while it's still available for no cost. It should be noted that the game's sequel, CarX Drift Racing 2, is also available on both Android and iOS for free too.


CarX has been available as a PC game via the Steam online market since 2017. Currently, the vanilla game is available for 40% off for £6.83 on Steam.

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The "Complete" version of the game is currently going for £13.89, which is 55% off the RRP of £30.99. The complete version comes with the base game and the Season Pass.

Finally, we have the "Ultimate" edition of CarX. This version is retailing for £13.71, which is 49% off the RRP. The Ultimate edition contains the vanilla game and its "Deluxe" version. The Deluxe version gives players access to all cars, maps and car customisation options.

Playing on PC is great as well because modding is exclusively available on this platform via the Steam store.


CarX was recently on offer on the PS Store, and got as low as £6 to buy if you have a PS+ membership. However, it's now back up to its regular price of £18.99. This can change of course, and will likely go on offer again, but we can't exactly say when. Keep your eyes peeled on the PS Store and it'll pop up again for a discounted price.

CarX Drift Racing Online
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Xbox One

Luckily for Xbox gamers though, CarX is still on offer! CarX is available on Xbox One via the Microsoft store for £13.74, which is 45% off the RRP of £25.99 for this version. This price will last for another four days then presumably revert back to its normal cost.

Solar CarX
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GOOD IN GREEN: Xbox One currently has a better price to purchase than PlayStation

Something else to keep in mind is that you can play CarX on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X using their backwards compatibility features.

Prices and availability are accurate as of the time of writing (28th June).

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