CarX Street Clubs: Drift Devils, Speedline Syndicate, Speed Hunters & more

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CarX Street Clubs

Out of all the features in CarX Street, its Clubs could be what sets it above the chasing pack next year. Developers CarX Technologies has been keeping us up to date with the development progress for CarX Street throughout the past few years.

We've got everything you need to know about CarX's clubs right here!


CarX Street Clubs

CarX Street Drift Promotion
THE FIRST INSIGHT: Drift Promotion were the first Club that were revealed back in February

CarX Tech have been very active on their Steam blog throughout the development of CarX Street. One of these posts from February 2021 revealed Clubs as a concept in Street. Aside from seeing these stats though, we didn't learn anything new for a while yet.

That all changed in June of that year though, when Clubs were officially revealed. The aim of the game is to prove that you're the best racer in Sunset City. To do this, you need to join different Clubs that are located throughout the city.


Clubs are unique communities of racers who have a preferred kind of racing. For example, Speedline Syndicate Specialise on the Speed Sprint event. Each Club has a leader and your goal is to prove you’re the best and to have the opportunity to join other Clubs.

CarX Street Speedline Syndicate

To challenge Club leaders, it appears that you need to meet certain car and experience criteria. This includes the class and performance rating of your car as well as the type of transmission it has.

Confirmed Clubs

CarX street drift united
ANOTHER ONE: Drift United's Roxy could be their Club leader

There have been five confirmed Clubs in CarX Street so far.

Speedline Syndicate, Drift United, Drift Devils, Drift Promotion and Speed Hunters have all be seen in screenshots and promotional images.

To join the three "Drift" Clubs, you will have to gain experience in drifting events. Similarly for Speedline Syndicate and Speed Hunters, you'll need to perfect sprint racing.

There is also the possibility that the player will be able to create their own club and become the top racer of Sunset City. That's yet to be confirmed, but we've got plenty of time until the release date to find that out.