Disney Speedstorm: How to unlock characters

Disney Speedstorm: How to unlock characters

Disney Speedstorm: How to unlock characters

If you’re an avid Disney or Pixar fan, Disney Speedstorm could be your dream racing game. From Donald Duck to Belle and Beast, Disney Speedstorm boasts a comprehensive list of characters from Disney’s 100-year history that is set to grow in future Season updates.

Unfortunately, most characters are locked when you start playing, so how do you unlock characters in Disney Speedstorm?

If you want to play as your favourite character, our guide will show you how to unlock characters in Disney Speedstorm.

Which characters can you race as?

There are plenty of iconic characters you can race as in Disney Speedstorm.

Disney Speedstorm characters
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For Disney fans, you can play as Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, while Pixar fans can race as Sully from Monsters Inc. You can even race as Jack Sparrow, the lead protagonist in Pirates of the Caribbean. Several characters are also played by the original voice actors.

You can find a full Disney Speedstorm character list here.

How to unlock characters in Disney Speedstorm

A few characters can be unlocked in the early stages of the game by purchasing one of the Founder’s Packs. Mickey Mouse is unlocked from the start.

You’ll also unlock Donald Duck for free if you’ve purchased the Standard Founder’s Pack along with a bonus character of your choice from Baloo, Belle, the Beast, Elizabeth Swann, Shang, or Mowgli.

Disney Speedstorm Sulley
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In addition, Mulan is unlocked in the Deluxe Founder’s Pack and Captain Jack Sparrow and Hercules are unlocked in the Ultimate Founder’s Pack. 

If you want to unlock extra characters, you need to earn Shards. Each character requires you to unlock a certain number of Racer Shards to unlock them.

Racer Shards can be bought as rewards in the Golden Pass with Tokens earned from winning races and completing missions in Seasonal Events and Starter Circuit events. You can also win Shards in Season Boxes and Special Boxes, Disney Speedstorm’s equivalent to loot boxes.

Disney Speedstorm how to unlock characters
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Once you’ve saved up enough Shards, scroll to the Collections tab and select the character you want to unlock.

If you want to focus on one character, you can then spend extra Shards earned on upgrading your character’s stats to get an advantage over your competitors on the track.

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