Disney Speedstorm Players Demand Legal Action Over Golden Pass Changes

Road Rage Descends On Disney Speedstorm Golden Pass Changes

Road Rage Descends On Disney Speedstorm Golden Pass Changes

Disney Speedstorm Season 7 is right around the corner, but one change in particular has riled fans. Along with the new characters, Disney Speedstorm’s progression system will soon be overhauled, but not everyone is happy about the planned change.

New season, new characters

Disney Speedstorm Season 7 is all about Wreck-it-Ralph, with the big-handed gentle giant joining the race this season. Alongside Ralph, pint-sized Vanellope von Schweetz, repairman Fix-it-Felix, battle-hardened Sergeant Calhoun, and the villainous King Candy also join the grid.

Disney Speedstorm Wreck-it-Ralph
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A candy-themed circuit has also been teased on X (formerly Twitter), with the fictional world of Sugar Rush potentially making its way to the Disney kart racer.

In addition to the new content coming to the game, Season 7 will see significant changes made to Disney Speedstorm. These changes have been designed to simplify the way players can level up, aiming to streamline the whole process.

Despite the changes meaning to favour players, there’s one aspect in particular that has sparked controversy.

Wrecking the race

Season 7 of Disney Speedstorm will introduce an overhauled Golden Pass system, which has riled fans.

At first glance, the changes seem encouraging. Requirements are being reduced to enable more players to reach the required levels, while content from previous seasons has been brought back as part of a new Tournaments mode in single-player.

Disney Speedstorm Season 7 Golden Pass changes
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However, the problems start with the new Golden Pass subscription model. Players will need to buy a Vault Pass to have unlimited attempts at the Tournaments game mode, while players not using a Vault Pass are limited to only four attempts per day.

The Golden Pass has also been split in half, with each half costing $9.99. This means players will have to pay out almost $30 to receive rewards from both halves of the Golden Pass as well as acquire unlimited attempts at the Tournaments.

Speedstorm in a teacup

In the past, players could use in-game currency to buy that season’s Golden Pass. The latest Community Pitstop, which reveals changes coming in Season 7, has slammed the brakes on this, however.

Golden Passes will no longer be purchasable using in-game currency, meaning players must use real-world money in order to experience the full game. As Push Square reports, this has infuriated fans, with many threatening legal action against developers Gameloft and branding Gameloft as "thieves."

Disney Speedstorm Season 7 Golden Pass changes
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Season Pass Credits can still be used to unlock premium Golden Passes, but for the rest of the player base, competing in Disney Speedstorm is about to get a lot more pricey.

To compensate for this, Gameloft has added more reward content and made each reward easier to achieve. But for many, this is proving to be an incredibly unpopular move. Even though Disney Speedstorm is a free-to-play game, hiding content behind such a high paywall could backfire and alienate the loyal fan base.

What do you think of Disney Speedstorm’s new Golden Pass changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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