Disney Speedstorm Season 7: Everything we know so far

Disney Speedstorm Season 7

Disney Speedstorm Season 7

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Disney Speedstorm Season 7 is on the horizon, bringing big changes to the game's upgrade progression system. With the massive overhaul just around the corner, let’s take a look at what’s new in Season 7 of Disney Speedstorm.

Latest news - Wreck-it-Ralph confirmed for Season 7

Disney Speedstorm has confirmed the first two characters coming in Season 7, and it seems the rumours were right.

Vanellope von Schweetz is the first character revealed for Season 7. The racing royal is a mighty racer despite her minute appearance, so will be a tough opponent to beat out on track.

Disney Speedstorm Wreck-it-Ralph
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Joining Vanellope is, of course, Wreck-it-Ralph himself. The big-handed gentle giant used to be the cause of wrecks off the circuits, but the big question is will he be the cause of wrecks on the track too?

Finally, Fix-it-Felix, Sergeant Calhoun, and King Candy have also been confirmed for Season 7. The man who usually cleans up Ralph's mess will now be his rival out on track, while the villainous King of Sugar Rush will be out to get them both.

With the racers now confirmed for Season 7, it's only a matter of time before the tracks and elusive release date are announced too.

Upgrade overhaul

Season 7 of Disney Speedstorm aims to simplify the currently complex upgrade system in the game. The main part of the overhaul sees all upgrade parts converted into a single currency that can be used on all racers.

Disney Speedstorm Season 7
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Considering Disney Speedstorm is mainly aimed at a younger audience, having a complicated upgrade system detracted from the main element of the game. The new upgrade system fixes this, with the new Upgrade Coins keeping things nice and simple.

Season 7 also aims to create a closer link between Racer Upgrade Levels and Racer Star Levels. Currently, upgrading your racer is a convoluted process involving Upgrade Parts and Racer Shards. The new system simplifies the whole process more.

Keeping things simple

The new upgrade progression system still involves Upgrade Coins and Racer Shards, but simplifies the whole process. Players unlock racers using ten Racer Shards, the same as before, but from there, it’s all changing.

Disney Speedstorm Season 7
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Whereas before players had to spend large amounts of Racer Shards to increase their Star Level, now players only need to use a maximum of ten Racer Shards to increase their Racer Upgrade Level. Unlocking a racer still costs ten Racer Shards, but the upgrade economy has now been lowered.

Simplifying the whole upgrade progression system keeps the game accessible for younger racers. With the old system overcomplicating the off-track action, players can now focus on the racing rather than getting the calculator out to work out their next upgrade.

Rumoured characters and environments

Like other seasons, Disney Speedstorm Season 7 is expected to introduce new characters. At the time of writing, Gameloft hasn't confirmed all of the characters that are joining the extensive character list, but the first two have been revealed.

Disney Speedstorm Season 7
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Vanellope von Schweetz and Wreck-it-Ralph are the first confirmed characters, with the mini racing princess and big-handed gentle giant perfect for the kart racer. With kart racing also playing a huge part in the plot of the film, it makes sense to bring Sugar Rush to Disney Speedstorm if Season 7 continues to be themed around Wreck it Ralph.

Season 7 release date speculation

We also don't have a confirmed release date for Season 7 yet, but we can make an educated guess based on previous updates.

Disney Speedstorm Season 7
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With new seasons arriving approximately every two months or so, we can speculate when Disney Speedstorm Season 7 will likely launch. Season 6 arrived in February, which would put the release of Season 7 sometime in April 2024.

What do you think of the new upgrade progression system in Disney Speedstorm Season 7? Let us know in the comments below.

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