Disney Speedstorm Season 7 Adds Wreck-it-Ralph Characters and New Customisation Options

Disney Speedstorm Season 7 patch notes

Disney Speedstorm Season 7 patch notes

As Disney Speedstorm celebrates its first anniversary today, Season 7 has landed.

Dubbed SugarRush, the latest season update is inspired by the world of Wreck-it Ralph, with new tracks and playable characters lifted from the animation. That’s not all, because Season 7 introduces a wealth of improvements and new features.

Wreck-it-Ralph joins Disney Speedstorm

Gameloft hasn’t released a full list of new characters coming in Season 7. However, recent teasers shared on Disney Speedstorm’s X, formerly Twitter, page show that Vanellope, Fix-it-Felix, Sergeant Calhoun, King Candy, and the titular giant Ralph are all joining the character roster.

Disney Speedstorm Season 7 Vanellope
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Wreck-it-Ralph fans can also race around a new colourful track inspired by Sugar Rush. Considering that the candy-themed circuit is part of a fictional kart racer in the film, this is a great fit for Disney Speedstorm.

New customisation options

Along with Wreck-it-Ralph characters and Sugar Rush, Season 7 also introduces new character-specific karts and customisation options, including new liveries, rear antennas, and frontal ornaments.

Disney Speedstorm Season 7 kart customisation
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These new customisation options are available for Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Mulan, and Ralph, but theywill be expanded to other characters in future Seasons.

In addition, the UI has been overhauled with a new layout for the main menu and garage screen.

Gameloft responds to Golden Pass controversy

Gameloft has been widely criticised for introducing changes to Disney Speedstorm’s Golden Pass. In Season 7, the premier Golden Pass can no longer be earned by collecting in-game Tokens.

It’s also split in half, with each half costing $9.99. This means players will have to pay almost $30 to get the rewards from both Golden Passes in Season 7.

Disney Speedstorm Mickey Mouse screenshot
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This didn’t go down well with the community. Fans were so outraged that some threatened legal action.

In response to the controversy, Gameloft released a statement announcing that players will be able to purchase Golden Pass Credits from the in-game Shop for 990 Tokens each. However, this option will only be available until May 16.

“The feedback of our community is invaluable to us, and we would like to acknowledge and thank everyone that took the time to share their concerns over the upcoming changes to the Golden Pass,” Gameloft said in a statement.

Disney Speedstorm screenshot Sully
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“After the latest Community Pit Stop, we heard from players who had previously purchased Tokens with the intention of using them to unlock the premium tier for future Golden Passes. We are making the adjustment that players will be able to purchase Golden Pass Credits from the in-game Shop for 990 Tokens each. The option to purchase these Golden Pass Credits with Tokens will be available until May 16.

A single Golden Pass Credit can be used to unlock the premium tier of the Golden Pass for either Part 1 or Part 2 of any future season, including the upcoming Season 7.

We’d like to thank our community for their continued patience and understanding. We greatly appreciate your ongoing support and dedication to Disney Speedstorm.”

Disney Speedstorm Season 7 patch notes

For more info on changes coming in Disney Speedstorm Season 7, check out the patch notes below.

UI improvements

The Main Menu has been updated with a new layout.

  • The sections break down in the following way:
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  • World Map will include the Season Tour and Tournaments.
  • Ranked Race will include Ranked Multiplayer.
  • Special Events will include time-limited events and Regulated Multiplayer.
  • Friendly Race will include Private Track and Local Freeplay.

The garage has been given a fresh new look! Players will now also be able to rotate and zoom in to their selected Racer from the garage.

The Golden Pass menu has received a visual revamp, giving a better visualisation to the rewards and adding clear Season goals.

New customisation options - Deluxe karts

We are introducing Racer-specific karts and premium decorations for several Racers. This season those Racers will be Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Mulan and Ralph. This list will grow in future Seasons.
These new customization options include new kart liveries and two types of decorations: antennas for the back of the kart, and ornaments for the front.

Limited events

Time-limited event objectives will now appear in the race pause menu.

Racer Boost
Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Oswald, Ortensia, WALL•E, Eric and King Triton are now available to select.

Racer voicover

Starting this Season, only a select number of Racers will have voice lines added in the game. This Season, those Racers will be Ralph, Vanellope von Schweetz, and the yet-to-be-announced mid-Season Racer.

General fixes and improvements

  • Various game crash occurrences fixed across all platforms.
  • A new type of reward is being added to the game - Reward Capsules will automatically pull a reward from a pre-determined pool of items.
  • Push notifications have been added to iOS and Android for various types of in-game refreshes.

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