Disney Speedstorm Pre-order: When can we purchase it?

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Disney Speedstorm pre-order

Disney Speedstorm is available to pre-order now! So, what advantages are there for those that buy the game early? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Disney Speedstorm Pre-order

Disney Speedstorm can be wishlisted now for those playing on PC. This is the case for both of those using the Steams and Epic Games Store.


Speedstorm has been confirmed to be also be coming out on PlayStation, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch, but pre-orders aren't yet available for these systems.

Disney Speedstorm Hercules

When it comes to the price, Speedstorm has been confirmed to be totally free to download when it launches.

We don't yet have a release date for Speedstorm, but it will launch in 2022 sometime!


Disney Speedstorm Trailer

Disney Speedstorm's YouTube channel has been pumping out plenty of video content since the game's announcement earlier this year.

There hasn't been anything yet that's got us as hyped as that reveal trailer though, and you can check it out below!