Disney Speedstorm Pre-order: Early Access now available

Disney Speedstorm pre-order

Disney Speedstorm pre-order

Early Access for Disney Speedstorm is available now! Those that purchase Speedstorm early will get exclusive access to the game before its regular release date.

There are a lot of bonuses that come with the Founders packages and with three to choose from, it's an important choice to make. So, what advantages are there for those that buy Disney Speedstorm early?

We've got everything you need to know right here!

Disney Speedstorm Pre-order

Purchasing one of the Early Access packages has given gamers access to Disney Speedstorm from 18th April. This is the only way to play Speedstorm currently, although the free-to-play release date has now been confirmed.

We don't currently know whether the seasonal content such as Season 2's Toy Story content will be available to those that get the free version of the game.

Disney Speedstorm Hercules
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Early access comes in three forms; the Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate Founder's packs. These cost £24.99, £39.99 and £57.99, respectively. All come with a variety of content, with the more included the more you spend.

However, when the regular release date does come, Speedstorm has been confirmed to be totally free to download. That date is the 28th September 2023, so mark that in your diaries!

Disney Speedstorm Consoles

Disney Speedstorm is available on both the Steam and Epic Games Stores for those playing on PC. Speedstorm has also been confirmed to be also be coming out on PlayStation, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

Disney Speedstorm
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Credit: Gameloft

The pre-order packs are available to be purchased on their respective console stores for PlayStation, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Disney Speedstorm Trailer

Disney Speedstorm's YouTube channel has been pumping out plenty of video content since the game's announcement last year.

There hasn't been anything yet that's got us as hyped as the game's launch trailer though, and you can check it out below!

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