Disney Speedstorm Trailer: Characters, tracks, classes and more showcased

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Disney Speedstorm thumbnail

Disney Speedstorm has had multiple trailers since it was first revealed. The upcoming arcade racer has a lot of potential and has been picking up its marketing in recent weeks.

So, what have we seen so far from Gameloft's team? Here's everything we know.


Disney Speedstorm Trailer

The first trailer that was dropped for Disney Speedstorm was the reveal trailer. This showed us some of the characters we can expect to be able to play as and the circuits.

Castle track revealed

Back in May, we got a first look at the Castle circuit in Disney Speedstorm. This is based upon the Castle that's in Beauty and the Beast.


You'll need to navigate the ticking clock and spinning teacups better than your opponents to win around here!

Toon Village trailer

It took months to see another circuit in Disney Speedstorm, but we finally saw something new from Speedstorm in August. Toon Village is Mickey Mouse's track and looks like an exciting one to race around in Speedstorm.


Monsters Inc.

The latest Speedstorm trailer reveals a new track to race around. The circuit is based on the world of Monsters Inc. and includes sections in the Scare Floor, the Mountain and Monsters University.