Endurance Motorsport Series: Everything you need to know about Kylotonn's endurance racer

Endurance Motorsport Series: Everything you need to know

Endurance Motorsport Series: Everything you need to know

Announced at Nacon Connect 2024, a surprise new endurance racing game is coming. Developed by the studio behind Nacon’s WRC series, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Endurance Motorsport Series.

Latest news - watch the Endurance Motorsport Series reveal trailer

In a surprising move, Nacon Connect saw the reveal of Endurance Motorsport Series. While everyone was waiting for the new Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown trailer, KT Racing blindsided viewers with a reveal trailer for the newest endurance racing game.

Check out the reveal trailer for Endurance Motorsport Series below:

What is Endurance Motorsport Series?

Endurance Motorsport Series is KT Racing's newest venture after ending its run of official WRC games. Along with developing Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, KT Racing are also behind the recently announced MXGP game.

Endurance Motorsport Series is KT Racing’s answer to Le Mans Ultimate. Bringing the fight to the official World Endurance Championship game is no easy task, however. Endurance Motorsport Series mixes things up in a unique way to stand out.

Endurance Motorsport Series: Everything you need to know
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Just like Codemasters’ F1 series, Endurance Motorsport Series challenges you both out on the track and in the garage. As well as managing your race on the tarmac, it’s also down to you to manage the engineering side of the car.

Adding management aspects to an endurance racer will challenge players in ways never seen before. Keeping concentration during the early hours of a race is already difficult. Throw in a tyre and fuel strategy to think about, and you’ve got an interesting combination.

As the tagline for the game says: “Race as a driver, win as a team”. This suggests just because you’re not in the car, doesn’t mean you’re not on the job.

Track list

At the time of writing, we don’t yet have an extensive track list for the game. However, from what we have been told, the game will feature a range of official endurance circuits. In fact, the official word from KT Racing is that the game will feature “legendary tracks”.

Therefore we can likely assume that the likes of Sebring, Spa, and possibly even Le Mans itself will be featured in the game, although the French track may not make it due to licensing.

Car list

Just like the track list, we’ve yet to see a full car list for Endurance Motorsport Series. One car we do know will be in the game is the Porsche 911 992 GT3R. This was featured in the reveal trailer for the game, alongside its Porsche 963 hypercar vriant.

Endurance Motorsport Series: Everything you need to know
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From the game's promotional material, we can expect to see cars from the Hypercar, LMP2, and GT classes, like Le Mans Ultimate. Just how many cars from these classes will make it to Endurance Motorsport Series, we don’t yet know.


The reveal for Endurance Motorsport Series has also confirmed the platforms the game will be released on. The final image of the reveal trailer shows that the game will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

This gives Endurance Motorsport Series an advantage over Le Mans Ultimate, which is currently only on PC. However, Motorsport Games CEO Stephen Hood recently told us that porting Le Mans Ultimate to consoles in the future "makes sense" if it's successful on PC.

At the time of writing, we’ve yet to learn if the game will be available on the Epic Games Store.

Considering the PS4 and Xbox One have been excluded from all promotional material, it’s safe to assume that Endurance Motorsport Series will be skipping last-gen consoles.

Endurance Motorsport Series is now available to wishlist on Steam. Preorders are yet to open for the game, but we’ll update this section once players can buy the game.

Release date

There’s no confirmed release date for Endurance Motorsport Series, but the reveal trailer gives us a clue.

The trailer ends by announcing the a 2025 release date, but we don't have a more specific date than that yet. Of course, this is quite a large period of time, but we expect to get more information on a more precise release window as the year continues.

Hopefully, the game won’t experience any delays like Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, which KT Racing is also working on.

Are you looking forward to enduring Endurance Motorsport Series? Let us know in the comments below!

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