SnowRunner Season 8 Grand Harvest out now: New maps, vehicles & more

SnowRunner Season 8

SnowRunner Season 8

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SnowRunner Season 8: Grand Harvest is out now! Featuring a farming theme, the latest SnowRunner season brings a new vast location with four maps to explore along with new farming vehicles and missions. Here’s everything you need to know about SnowRunner Season 8.

SnowRunner Season 8: Grand Harvest

Season 7: Compete & Conquer introduced racing to SnowRunner for the first time in the series, putting you behind the wheel of a scout car and Dakar-style racing track.

SnowRunner Season 8 Grand Harvest
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SnowRunner Season 8: Grand Harvest is all about farming - Farming Simulator 22 is about to get some competition.

Season 8 tasks you with restoring farming activities in a new four-map region, with farming missions ranging from renovating a local town and airfield to fixing farming equipment.

New vehicles

A new season wouldn’t be complete without new vehicles to drive. SnowRunner Season 8 is no exception. With a farming theme, Season 8 Grand Harvest includes three new vehicles to help you with your farming duties.

These include the four-wheel drive Kirovets K-700, the Kirovets K7M to help you plow fields, and the heavy-duty Step 39331 ‘Pike’ suitable for all transportation duties.

SnowRunner Season 8 Grand Harvest vehicles
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New location

Season 8 features a brand new region to explore, and it’s significantly larger than the map in the last season. Whereas Season 7 only had one map called Burning Mill set in Tennessee, USA, Season 8 features four massive maps in a new region.

SnowRunner Season 8 Grand Harvest
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Each map is 4km² with varied landscapes featuring railroad stations, gas stations, construction zones, villages, and farm fields.

New Game +

As well as new maps and vehicles, Grand Harvest introduces a New Game + mode.

This isn't just a New Game mode with a harder difficulty either. According to Saber Interactive, there are "a lot more options for you to customise to make your very own SnowRunner experience."

Release date

SnowRunner Season 8: Grand Harvest is available to download on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch from 13 October.


SnowRunner Season 8: Grand Harvest is priced at £9.99 on Steam and Xbox, £9.49 on PlayStation, and £9.59 on Nintendo Switch.

It's also included in the SnowRunner Year 2 Pass, which costs £20.99 on Steam and £19.99 on the PlayStation and Xbox digital stores.

As well as Season 8: Grand Harvest, the Year 2 Pass bundles include the Burning Bright Vinyl Wrap Pack, Season 5: Build & Dispatch, Season 6: Haul & Hustle, Season 7: Compete & Conquer, and the TATRA Dual Pack

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