MotoGP 21 Gameplay: Long Lap Penalty proves Milestone listens to the fans

MotoGP 21 will be released next month and we can't wait to see what Milestone's annual Official MotoGP game has to offer!

The developers released the first official gameplay from MotoGP 21 yesterday and it looks brilliant. The introduction of a new gameplay mechanic to better simulate real life has got fans even more hyped!

What is this addition and why does it show that Milestone care about their fans? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Gameplay analysis

Our first official gameplay footage for MotoGP 21 is a race around Jerez for the Spanish GP. We're racing as Jack Miller of Ducati but we get off to a poor start as we jump the lights and get a penalty.

Instead of being slapped with a time penalty, we get a message from the stewards saying we have to serve a Long Lap Penalty.

MotoGP 21 release date
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STUNNING: MotoGP 21 looks far better than any we've seen in the series before

The HUD has had a revamp and has much more colour to it than MotoGP 20. The sound and 4K 50 FPS graphics are beautiful, which isn't a surprise, as this is the first MotoGP game on the next-gen consoles.

What follows is an entertaining battle to hold onto 4th and keep within attack range of the leading trio.

As Miller approaches the final corners, we get a reminder to serve the LLP within four laps. An area of the track map is highlighted in yellow in the bottom-left hand corner to show where the LLP must be served.

Miller then takes the final corner on an extra-wide line in order to serve the penalty, before re-joining the circuit after losing several places. Miller completes the lap, and the gameplay concludes.

If you want to check out the full gameplay footage, we've linked it below:

Long Lap Penalty

Some readers may be wondering why the introduction of the LLP is so significant for MotoGP 21. The reasons are twofold, with the first being that it brings the MotoGP game closer to reality.

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SIM BECOMES REALITY: LLP has been in real-life MotoGP for years and now it's in the game!

LLP was brought in for the 2019 season and MotoGP 21 will have it for the first time this year. LLP is a good alternative to time penalties and drive-through penalties.

Drive-though penalties cost you around twenty seconds in time, which for a minor incident, is extremely harsh. Time penalties are only applied after the race, during which time, you will have held up innocent riders.

Taking a LLP costs the rider around five seconds and prevents them from holding up the competition throughout the race.

The other reason why LLP is positive is down to it proving that Milestone listens to their players. Milestone must actively monitor forums and groups for what their player base is wishing to have in next year's game.

Both LLP and the new Managerial Career mode are two very welcome additions for MotoGP 21.

Despite the struggles of some game developers, Milestone continue to deliver. Don't rule out there being another big announcement ahead of MotoGP 21's April release date either.


If you want to see more MotoGP 21 content, check out the announcement trailer that was released last month:

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