MotoGP 22 Price: How much does each version of the game cost?

MotoGP 22 is here! We were so hyped for this game's release, and it lived up to it. Each MotoGP game has been consistently impressive, with new innovations implemented year-on-year.

Something that's very impressive about MotoGP as well is the price, as it's one of the cheapest major racing games around. That hasn't changed for 22 either

PlayStation prices

The standard edition is the only edition of MotoGP 22 that is available to players. So, the only differentiating factor between the games are the consoles they're available on.

We'll start with PlayStation, as MotoGP 22 is available on both PlayStation 4 and 5. On PS5, MotoGP 22 retails for between £46 and £59.99, depending on your retailer.

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If that sounds too expensive, the PS4 version of MotoGP 22 is generally cheaper, going for between £42 and £55.

Xbox prices

MotoGP 22 is also available on both the Xbox One and Series X. Series X prices are similar to the PS5 costs, going for betwen £46 and £59.99.

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However, the One's MotoGP copy currently retails for the exact same prices as the Series X. So, it's not cheaper to play MotoGP on old-gen Xbox than it is on Series X.

Switch and PC prices

The Nintendo Switch is another console that has MotoGP 22 available for its player base. This goes for a cheap and chearful £39.99 or below.

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Finally, we have PC, which has MotoGP 22 available via its Steam Store. This is also retailing for £39.99 currently.

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