MotoGP 23's redesigned career mode revealed

F1 23 isn’t the only annual motorsport game arriving in June.

For fans of two-wheeled racing games, MotoGP 23 is just around the corner. Along with, one of its most anticipated new features is the redesigned career mode.

Career modes were largely unchanged in recent MotoGP games, but that won’t be the case this year. MotoGP 23’s career mode introduces a suite of new features including a fictional social network and a Neural Aid System to make the game more accessible.

Milestone has revealed what we can expect in the MotoGP 23 career mode. 

MotoGP 23's redesigned career mode revealed

MotoGP 23’s career mode starts at the end of a Moto3 championship. These bikes are easier to master than their MotoGP counterparts, giving players an approachable introduction.

MotoGP 23 career mode
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From there, players can race another Moto3 season, move up to Moto2, or jump right into the top-tier MotoGP category. This will be a blessing for returning players who want to skip straight to the top tier.

Before each season, you can choose if you want to race a short calendar with ten rounds or a full 21-round championship.

Neural Aid System and MotoGP Academy

For beginners, the Neural Aid System will help players get to grips by analysing your performance and assisting handling, brakes and acceleration. The MotoGP Academy will also teach players how to improve their riding style and performance, with detailed descriptions showing how to ride each track section faster. 

Turning Points

Turning Points are new in the MotoGP 23 career where decisions you make affect your career path. Each season has a variety of scenarios with different objectives. For example, you might be asked whether you want to stay with the same team, stay in their class or move up after initial tests to the summer break. 

MotoGP 23 career mode
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Milestone says Turning Points will provide long-term challenges that can only be experienced by playing multiple seasons.

Turning Points also affect bike development. During testing, second riders can influence the team’s technical development in Turning Points.

As you work your way up to the first rider role, you can analyse your rival’s performance and influence the technical development accordingly.

Social network

Also new to MotoGP 23’s career is a fictional social network. Here, you can read comments from rivals who respond to career objectives. Your social behaviour will then influence how the AI riders respond to you in races.

MotoGP 23 career mode
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For example, if you’re aggressive on the track, you may get comments from opponents asking you to be more careful. How you respond to comments affects your relationship with other riders. Negative relationships with other riders will have consequences in the season, making it difficult to form alliances.

Team objectives

Achieving team objectives is more crucial than ever in the MotoGP 23 career mode.

There are only two spots available when joining a team, meaning you have to compete with official riders to prove your worth. For example, if you want to join Ducati team, you’ll need to prove your skills in satellite teams like Team Gresini MotoGP, Pramac Racing, or VR46 Racing.

New teams like GasGas Factory Racing, on the other hand, won’t have such high demands, with the overall goal to finish in the top 15.  

If you finish in the top 10 for GasGas Factory Racing before the summer break, a turning point will give you the opportunity to earn the same bike development upgrades as the KTM official team.

Release date

MotoGP 23 releases on 8 June on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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