MotoGP 23 Trailer: Watch the reveal trailer for this year's MotoGP game

MotoGP 23 has finally been revealed. This year's official MotoGP game brings a host of long-requested features, showcased in the first MotoGP 23 trailer.

Milestone's annual MotoGP series is arriving later than usual this year, and the first MotoGP 23 trailer gives us an idea of what to expect, from a revamped career mode to a dynamic weather system.

You can watch the MotoGP 23 trailer right here!

MotoGP 23 Trailer

Milestone has kept tight-lipped about this year's MotoGP game - until now. The MotoGP 23 announcement trailer has dropped, giving us a first look at this year's title in action for the first time.

MotoGP 23 screenshot
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The reveal trailer highlights some of the headline features in this year's MotoGP game. MotoGP 23 introduces a new career mode with a fictional social media where you can interact with rivals. AI opponents will then behave differently in response to your social media behaviour.

Dynamic weather is also coming to MotoGP 23, as is cross-play multiplayer for the first time.

You can watch the MotoGP 23 trailer announcement below:

Gameplay trailer

The next trailer that will come will be a gameplay trailer. This should drop in mid-May, around a month before the release date of the game.

The gameplay trailer will show uncut gameplay from MotoGP 23, most likely a lap around one of the new circuits for this season. MotoGP 22's gameplay trailer showcased a lap around Jerez for the Spanish Grand Prix:

Launch trailer

The final MotoGP 23 trailer will be the launch trailer. This will coincide with the release date of the game.

2022's launch trailer featured a brief rundown of the key features of the game and showcased some high-octane racing action:

Release date and consoles

MotoGP fans will have to wait longer than usual to play this year's official game.

MotoGP 23 screenshot
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MotoGP games are usually announced in February before releasing in April. That's not the case this year, however.

Milestone announced MotoGP 23 at the end of March. This year, the MotoGP series is reverting to a summer release. MotoGP 23 will be released on 8 June 2023.

As for platforms the game will be released on, MotoGP 23 will launch on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. A release on last-generation platforms suggests the engine won't receive any major upgrades, but these platforms still have large player bases.

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