DIRT 5 developer Codemasters Cheshire working on Need for Speed

There were rumours that Codemasters Cheshire, the studio behind DIRT 5, has joined forces with Criterion Games to work on Need for Speed 2022 as a support studio. But now it’s official. Be in no doubt – this is an exciting development for Need for Speed.

Codemasters Cheshire working on Need for Speed

Following speculation, a Linkedin post by EA confirms that Codemasters Cheshire will work with Criterion Games to “create the future of Need for Speed.”

Shared by EA Senior Recruiter Pete Johnson, the Linkedin post advertises a job listing at Codemasters Cheshire for an experienced Producer to join the team as they “embark on an extraordinary journey to deliver the future of Need for Speed.”

Linkedin job listing confirms Codemasters Cheshire is working on Need for Speed with Criterion
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Codemasters Cheshire is working with Criterion to "create the future of Need for Speed.”

According to the listing, Codemasters Cheshire will “come together with Criterion on creative, technical and feature execution in service to the vision outlined in the Need for Speed strategy.”

Codemasters’ will initially collaborate with Criterion on the next Need for Speed before “extending to future facing initiatives.” This suggests Codemasters Cheshire will work on future Need for Speed games as well as the 2022 title.

Need for Speed 2022 screenshot Criterion
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The next Need for Speed is expected to launch later this year

Formerly known as Codemasters Evo, Codemasters Cheshire is made up of former Evolution Studios, which developed the MotorStorm games. When the studio was known as Codemasters Evo, the team worked on OnRush, a team-based arcade driving game inspired by Overwatch.

Given the team’s experience with off-road racing games like MotorStorm and DIRT 5, we’re hoping the next Need for Speed will feature off-road racing events.

Need for Speed 2022 map leak

EA hasn’t revealed Criterion’s new NFS game yet, but it’s expected to release in November on current-gen consoles only. Recent rumours suggest NFS 2022’s art style will combine photorealistic visuals with “anime elements.”

Need for Speed 2022 map leak
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A leaked screenshot appears to show the Need for Speed 2022 map of Lake Shore City

NFS 2022 will reportedly be set in Lake Shore City, a fictional location inspired by Chicago. Leaked screenshots seemingly show the entire map, showcasing the scale and variety of environments.

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