Need for Speed 2022 logo allegedly leaks online

It’s make or break time for Need for Speed 2022. With no official updates from EA and Criterion Games, fans are understandably frustrated. Even EA insider Tom Henderson is worried about NFS 2022. Although Need for Speed 2022 hasn’t been officially revealed yet, there have been several leaks.

The entire game map leaked a few months ago, followed by a work-in-progress gameplay video showing the game’s divisive cartoon graphical effects. And now the Need for Speed 2022 game logo has allegedly leaked online.

Need for Speed 2022 logo allegedly leaks online

Sourced by Need for Speed Subreddit moderator Ziimbiian, the image supposedly shows the Need for Speed 2022 game logo, seemingly supporting rumours that next NFS game is called Need for Speed Unbound.

Need for Speed 2022 logo leak
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It’s not clear if this is the official final logo, a work-in-progress logo, or fan-made. Obviously, we won’t know until EA officially reveals NFS 2022.

If this logo is the real deal, the NFS title NFS logo looks drastically different to previous games, straying from the traditional italic font used in previous NFS games.

Need for Speed 2022
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The green graffiti-style font for the Unbound title is also reminiscent of Need for Speed ProStreet. This brash art style hints at a gritty tone for the game, though this contradicts rumours that NFS 2022 will have cartoon-style visual elements and is aimed at a younger audience.

The original image is low resolution, but fans on the Need for Speed Subreddit group have recreated the logo in higher quality to give us a clearer look.

Need for Speed 2022 logo leeak
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When will Need for Speed 2022 be revealed? 

For now, the leaked logo is a rumour until EA reveals NFS 2022. Exactly when that will be is anyone’s guess at this point.

NFS 2022 was originally expected to be revealed back in July before a November release. However, the release has been delayed by one month according to VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubbs, suggesting a December release at the earliest. 

Last month, EA confirmed that NFS 2022 is still on track for a Q3FY release by the end of December. There have been no updates since then, however, making it increasingly likely that NFS 2022 will get delayed until 2023 unless the game is announced soon.

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