Need For Speed Fans Aren’t Happy About EA Selling Old Cars as Unbound DLC

Need for Speed Fans Aren’t Happy About EA Selling Old Cars as DLC in Unbound

Need for Speed Fans Aren’t Happy About EA Selling Old Cars as DLC in Unbound

This week saw the reveal of the upcoming Need for Speed Unbound Vol. 4 update. Launching next week, the Vol . 4 update adds new cars, but not all of them are free. Two cars will be added for free, but the Vol. 4 Customs Pack featuring three classic cars from past NFS games is being sold as premium DLC.

This is nothing new in racing games, but EA recycling old cars as paid DLC has sparked a significant backlash from Need for Speed Unbound players. 

Vol. 4 Customs Pack is an “all-time low for the NFS franchise”

Next week’s Vol. 4 update introduces the Vol. 4 Customs Pack. This premium DLC car pack includes three fan-favourite cars from past Need for Speed games: Eddie’s Nissan Skyline GT-R V·spec from Need for Speed Underground, Rachel’s Nissan 350Z from Underground 2, and Joe’s Polestar 1 from Heat.

Need for Speed Unbound Vol 4 Customs Pack
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Each base car is already available in Unbound, but these versions include custom body kits recreating the iconic cars from old Need for Speed titles.

With the Vol. 4 Customs Pack costing $5.99 (UK pricing to be confirmed) players aren’t happy to see EA locking these cars behind a paywall to cash in on nostalgia.

What makes this worse is that all three cars were unlockable free rewards in NFS Heat. As one Reddit user puts it, EA is essentially charging for “reused assets from NFS Heat.”

A thread on the Need for Speed Subreddit is flooded with users expressing their frustration. One user sums it up as an “all-time low for the NFS franchise.”

Prominent Need for Speed Youtubers like Blackpanthaa and AR12Gaming are also calling out the DLC, urging fans not to buy the Vol. 4 Customs Pack. “This is awful,” Blackpanthaa said in a video.

“The fact that they’re trying to resell content that was previously available in the base game is insane. This has to stop. It’s kind of disgusting . . . Why have they been removed and charged to us again? . . . Do not buy this pack.”

Need for Speed Unbound Vol. 4 release date

The Vol. 4 Customs Pack is one of three premium DLC packs selling special custom cars out next week. The Hop Origin Swag Pack includes the Legendary Custom Mercedes-AMG G 63 (2017), while the Lotus Exige S Legendary Custom Pack includes a heavily modified Lotus Exige S.

Alongside the premium DLC packs, Vol. 4 will add two Porsche cars to celebrate the German manufacturer’s 75th anniversary: the 1997 Legendary Custom Porsche 911 Carrera S and Unbound's first electric car, the 2022 Porsche Taycan Turbo S.

Need for Speed Unbound Vol. 4 update
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As a bonus, Need for Speed Heat players will receive a free 1994 McLaren F1. McLaren's iconic supercar was originally gifted to Heat players in a free update, so it's understandable why players aren't happy about the other old cars being sold as Unbound.

In addition, the Vol. 4 update adds a new Gauntlet playlist, new Linkup locations, a host of new events and challenges, and 75 new customisation options for both your avatar and cars.

The update launches on 16 August across all platforms. You can find out more in the Need for Speed Unbound Vol. 4 patch notes.

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