Best cars in Need for Speed Unbound: Porsche 911 RSR NO LONGER fastest

Need for Speed Unbound fastest cars

Need for Speed Unbound fastest cars

Need for Speed Unbound is now out, but which are the best cars to use in the game? There's been one which has stood above the rest for the past few NFS games, but does it retain its title?

We've got our tips for which cars to use right here!

Best cars in Need for Speed Unbound

For years now, the Porsche 911 RSR has been the undisputed king of cars in Need for Speed. The German sports car had unrivalled handling and straight-line performance when it was fully souped up.

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Now though, things have changed. While the RSR is a very quick car, it's a level below the new fastest racers in the game.

S+ class

When we're talking about the fastest cars in NFS, you cannot look past the S+ class of vehicles. This is the top tier of cars in Unbound and it's very difficult to beat them with any other class of car.

This is the case for both online and offline races, as the AI and other players are put in an almost unbeatable position when using S+ cars.

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So, which is the best? Well, with relatively limited playtime on the new NFS so far, it's hard to definitively say. There is one that's emerged up there though: the Koenigsegg Regera.

This Swedish hypercar is on another level to almost any vehicle out there. The Regera can reach over 240 mph and make corners at 220 mph when drifting correctly.

The Regera boggles the mind, it's so quick. If you have the money, go and buy it - you won't regret it.

Best of the S+

The Regera is the early favourite of the fastest drivers in NFS, but it's not the only contender. Others such as the Bugatti Chiron Sport, Aston Martin DB11 and A$AP Rocky's custom Mercedes 190E have also been put forward.

Let's not forget the legendary BMW M3 GTR as well, which has recently been confirmed to be in the game.

No car in the S+ category when in its stock form. You will have to spend a lot of money to increase its performance, but once you do, you'll be raking the money in by winning races.

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