Need for Speed Unbound Gameplay: New gameplay video shows off Speed Races

Need for Speed Unbound Gameplay

Need for Speed Unbound Gameplay

We've got just a few weeks to go until Need for Speed Unbound launches, but what gameplay can we expect from the title? Need for Speed Unbound has been given multiple trailers and we've got plenty to go on already.

So, here's everything you need to know about NFS Unbound's gameplay right here!

Need for Speed Unbound Gameplay

With the release just over one week away, we were starting to worry about the lack of Need for Speed Unbound gameplay. Fear not, however, because EA has finally shown off three minutes of pure Need for Speed Unbound gameplay.

The three-minute Need for Speed Unbound gameplay video shows off A$AP Rocky’s custom Mercedes 190 E in action, with a first look at Speed Race events and online Meetups.

We get a first look at the vehicle selection screen where the cartoon characters can be seen standing next to their cars, an intense race through a railyard, and a first look at how side bets work to earn some extra cash.

Lakeshore City

Need for Speed Unbound will take place in Lakeshore City. It's not immediately clear where Lakeshore is based off, but like Heat's Palm City, it is in the U.S. Rumours suggest that it could be the NFS version of Chicago.

Need for Speed Unbound Map
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The map looks huge and has a large variety of environments to explore. Everything from rural mountains and farmland to the built-up centre of Lakeshore is there for you to test NFS Unbound's large array of cars around.

Game modes

The latest Under the Hood article from EA details certain gameplay elements. The first is the revamped drifting mechanic, which seems to have been given a big overhaul since Heat.

This will come in handy when it comes to new events such as Takeover, where you'll need to complete an obstacle course as fast as possible, with as much style and destruction as possible.

Victory in a Takeover event earns you a lot of money or a new car. Beware though, the cops will get involved once the event has concluded.

Taxis and tows

Two more quick-time events that were revealed in the Under the Hood notes are Passenger and Car Delivery jobs. While driving around, you'll occasionally get a notification to pick up either another driver or a car.

The passenger events see you pick up another racer, which triggers the cops to chase after you. Lose them and get your passenger to their destination in time to earn a cash reward.

The car deliveries are slightly different depending on whether they're high or low heat. Low heat jobs are purely about the time you take to get them back to the garage.

High heat jobs aren't about time, but are much more based around getting free of the cops when they're on your tail.

Risk & Reward

The more you risk, the greater your reward will be in Unbound. A new in-game gambling mechanic means that you can back yourself to win races and multiply your potential earnings.

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This can be applied to at least some of the racing events, possibly all of them. This will add a new element to every event in NFS Unbound and we're eager to give it a go.

Other gameplay elements

Smaller gameplay elements that have been confirmed via trailers or the Under the Hood articles are as follows.

There aren't any bespoke drifting events, but there are Drift Zones, where you can get sideways and score as many points as possible.

Need for Speed Unbound
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Speed traps are challenges to try and attempt to go as fast as possible along a certain road. The faster you go, the more stars and money you'll earn.

Speedruns on the other hand test your skill and bravery by pushing you to hit every marker on a course within a time limit. Also, there will be plenty of jump ramps for you to spread your wings and fly off of.

Finally, there are also collectables to spend your time collecting around Lakeshore. These include billboards and both bear and street art collectables. Get enough and you can unlock customisables such as driving effects and winning poses.

Unbound release date

Need for Speed Unbound has been confirmed for a 2nd December release date. That places it nicely before Christmas, but those who pre-order Unbound will be able to play three days early.

Check out the official reveal trailer for Unbound below:

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