Need for Speed Unbound Takeover mode revealed in new gameplay trailer

As promised in yesterday’s teaser, a new Need for Speed Unbound gameplay trailer has dropped, focusing on a brand new game mode called Takeover.

Need for Speed Unbound Takeover mode rewards stylish driving

Featuring rap star A$AP Rocky who appears as an in-game character, Takeover is a new game mode in Need for Speed Unbound that rewards stylish driving and crazy stunts.

As the new gameplay trailer shows, you take over sections of the city by pulling off huge tyre-smoking drifts, smashing collectables, boosting, jumping, and “proving your skills to Lakeshore’s most stylish street racers.”

Need for Speed Unbound
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Like DIRT’s Gymkhana mode, chaining these stunts together builds up a combo as you rack up points, with the aim of achieving the highest score. Crashing or failing a stunt cancels the combo.

The trailer also confirms that takeover events take place exclusively at night, but you can also practice your skills in the daytime.

Need for Speed Unbound
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Release date

With less than a month until launch, Need for Speed Unbound is getting closer to release. Players who pre-order the Palace Edition can play Need for Speed Unbound three days early on 29 November before the Standard Edition releases on 2 December.

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