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Need for Speed Unbound's online party size limited to only 4 players

Need for Speed Unbound was unveiled earlier this month to near-universal acclaim. While fans were initially worried about the rumoured anime effects, Unbound’s unique visual style is reinvigorating the racing genre. Unbound also offers deeper levels of customisation, with options to remove panels such as roofs and doors along with adding body kits and wraps.

There is, however, one aspect where Unbound falls short of its predecessor: multiplayer parties.

Need for Speed Unbound online parties reduced to 4 players

In a blog post, Criterion has shared more details about Need for Speed Unbound’s online multiplayer. The post confirms Unbound’s PvP online multiplayer will let up to 16 players race each other in online lobbies. That’s an improvement over Need for Speed Heat, which offers online multiplayer for up to eight players.

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Crossplay will also be supported at launch, meaning players can race each other online on any platform including PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

However, Criterion has confirmed that online multiplayer parties will be reduced to four in Unbound – a huge downgrade over Heat’s eight-player parties. It’s not clear why Unbound’s party size is reduced to four players instead of eight.

Need for Speed Unbound
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It’s not all bad news though, as Payback’s Speedlists appear to be back in the form of new “Race Playlists.”

In Payback, Speedlists pitted up to eight players against each other in tournament events featuring traditional races, lap time challenges, and drifting events.

Release date

Need for Speed Unbound is set to release on 2 December for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Pre-ordering the Palace Edition gives you access three days earlier on 29 November.

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