Will Need for Speed Unbound finally get the series back on track?

Need for Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound

After years of speculation and delays, Need for Speed is back! Need for Speed Unbound was officially confirmed yesterday thanks to an exciting reveal trailer. There's a lot to unpack here, but the biggest question is will NFS be back to its best?

It's early days, but we'll give our take right here!

Need for Speed is back

The biggest gap between Need for Speed games in the series' history is finally over. Nobody thought it would be over three years between the release dates for Need for Speed Heat and the next game.

We aren't complaining though, as NFS Unbound has revealed a bold new art style and approach for the series.

Need for Speed Unbound A$AP Rocky
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Rumours have been confirmed, including the anime elements to the game's graphics.

We have also seen other cool elements confirmed, such as the retention of the police and A$AP Rocky playing a role in the game's story as the leader of the Takeover Scene, a new precision driving mode.

The story revolves around a robbery at a family auto shop that tears two friends apart and a return to underground street racing. The ultimate goal is to win The Grand, which is the world's best street race.

You've got to beat the best

Which Need for Speed game is the best ever is a matter of opinion. However, something all NFS gamers can agree upon is that the series hasn't been at its peak for a long time.

Heat signalled what could be a revival for NFS, but it didn't hit the heights of the likes of Most Wanted and the Underground games.

Need for Speed Unbound
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While it's far too early to make any serious judgement, Unbound's trailer definitely showcased a change in direction for NFS.

Not only that, but the cars look brilliant, they're the most heavily customised we've seen since Underground, maybe ever.

NFS is to video games what Fast & Furious is to films. It's meant to be over-the-top, silly, but most of all, fun. NFS can't take itself too seriously to succeed, and with both Criterion and Codemasters onboard for Unbound, it has every chance.

These British developers are the masterminds behind the Formula 1 game, Dirt, Burnout and previous NFS titles as well.

Need for Speed Unbound Trailer

If you haven't seen the official reveal trailer for Need for Speed Unbound, check it out below:

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