Corsair Pursuing Acquisition of Fanatec

Corsair Pursuing Acquisition of Fanatec

Corsair Pursuing Acquisition of Fanatec

After a period of struggles for Fanatec, it seems as though a potential savior is just around the corner. According to reports, Fanatec could be sold to one of the world’s leading hardware manufacturers, potentially saving the company from going bust.

Update: Since publication, Endor AG has now confirmed they are in negotiations with Corsair.

Struggling to compete

To say this year has so far been difficult for Fanatec would be a serious understatement. The former sim racing leaders have seen problem after problem plague the company, leading to a major restructuring in early 2024.

Thomas Jackermeier, former Fanatec CEO
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Founder and former CEO Thomas Jackermeier was removed from his position in a shock move in March. His replacement, Andres Ruff, was brought in at the end of April to help resolve the severe delivery issues affecting those with outstanding orders.

Despite the move being one of progress, it seems as though things are still stalling at Fanatec. Players are still complaining about a lack of after-market support, with the company’s reputation continuing to decline.

This has led to financial issues within Fanatec, with the once-great manufacturer struggling to compete against the likes of Thrustmaster and MOZA. There does seem to be a rescuer ready to step in and save the sim racing specialists, however.

Corsair pursuing acquisition of Fanatec

As reported in Business Wire, Corsair has this week announced that they have entered negotiations with Endor AG, the parent company of Fanatec. This deal will see CORSAIR acquire Endor AG, and therefore also purchase Fanatec.

Corsair and Endor have reached an agreement where Corsair will fund Endor’s short-term cash needs while negotiations on the acquisition continue. This will then hopefully lead to the full purchase of Endor AG by Corsair if the deal is sanctioned by German law.

CORSAIR Pursuing Acquisition of Fanatec
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With approximately $70 million of debt, Endor AG was fast heading towards insolvency, so Corsair stepping in is good news for sim racing fans. Despite their recent struggles, Fanatec is still one of the best manufacturers of sim racing hardware out there.

In the announcement, Corsair CEO Andy Paul stated: “Fanatec is an incredible brand with a strong community, and we believe Corsair is the ideal home for Fanatec’s loyal customers, employees, and business partners.”

To see Fanatec disappear would have been a huge blow to sim racing. Their equipment is currently being used in the F1 Sim Racing World Championship, with the company also featured heavily in Codemasters’ F1 series.

As for Corsair, acquiring a sim racing manufacturer is the last piece of the puzzle for the hardware giants. With a reputation for producing high-quality computer components, being able to add sim racing equipment to their portfolio will be seen as a wise move, especially in the gaming market.

Do you believe Corsair can help save Fanatec? Let us know in the comments below!

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