F1 Esports To Return This Month With Packed Schedule

F1 Esports To Return This Month

F1 Esports To Return This Month

After a stalled start on the grid, F1 Esports will finally return this month. For fans of the virtual sport, we don’t have too long to wait for the revised schedule to kick off.

The new calendar is packed full of the high-octane racing that makes the F1 Esports series so special and should only grow the hype for F1 24.

Failing to race

The 2023 F1 esports series will definitely go down in history as one of the most bizarre seasons in sim racing esports. The F1 Sim Racing World Championship, to give it its full name, was originally delayed by 24 hours back in November 2023 due to disputes over prize money.

Even though the first round was then held, further disputes caused all subsequent rounds to be postponed, with only the first race at Bahrain completed.

F1 Sim Racing World Championship
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Arguably, the only good thing to come of the 2023 F1 Sim Racing World Championship so far has been the return to LAN racing. With the pandemic forcing teams to race in-house, the magic of having all drivers on stage together was lost for a few years.

That magic has now returned though, with the first race held at DreamHack Sweden with all 20 drivers on stage at the same time.

With no official word on the series since February, fans were beginning to lose hope on the racing returning. There has now been official confirmation on the series’ future, and it’s very good news for those wanting to see the racing return.

F1 Esports to return this month

After a rumoured return leaked back in February, a post on X (formerly Twitter) from F1 Esports has finally revealed the future of the 2023 F1 Sim Racing World Championship series. Not only is the racing continuing, but we also don’t have too long to wait until lights out.

The remaining 11 races of the 2023 season are due to be held across two LAN events, with the first coming in mid-April and the second in early May. In fact, we only have one week at the time of writing before the drivers return to the track.

F1 Sim Racing World Championship
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The first event will see six races played out across three days between 10-12 April. These races will take place around Jeddah, The Red Bull Ring, Silverstone, Spa, Zandvoort, and COTA. With the overall event lasting three days, we anticipate two races to be held every day.

The second event takes place between 7-9 May and features five races in Mexico, Brazil, Las Vegas, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi. We expect the final race to be held on its own day, with the other four taking place in two pairs over the remaining two days.

As with the first race of the season, each race will be in the LAN format, with all drivers in the same place at the same time competing in F1 23. Two races a day also make for a packed calendar for fans to enjoy, with the potential for the schedule to throw up some interesting results amongst the drivers too.

At the time of writing, we're yet to receive official word on where the F1 Sim Racing World Championship will be broadcast, but we expect every race will be available to watch via F1's official Twitch channel.

Are you excited to see F1 Esports returning? Who do you think will win the series now the racing is back? Let us know in the comments below!

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