Drive the Team Fordzilla P1 in GRID Legends

Earlier this week, the Classic Car-Nage DLC landed in GRID Legends, bringing demolition derby back to the GRID series for the first time since GRID Autosport. But this isn’t the only surprise update Codemasters has for GRID Legends fans this week.

Team Fordzilla P1 makes racing game debut in GRID Legends

Arriving today in GRID Legends is the Ford TFZ-P1 hypercar, aka the Team Fordzilla P1. The TFZ-P1 started as a virtual race car designed and built in collaboration between gamers and Ford’s designers.

GRID LegendTeam Fordzilla P1
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The Team Fordzilla P1 makes its racing game debut in GRID Legends.

In March 2020, nearly a quarter of a million gamers voted on the design of the TFZ-P1, choosing aspects such as the seating configuration, engine position and cockpit definition.

Three months later, Ford’s designers created a full-scale model of the TFZ-P1 unveiled at Gamescom 2020. The scale model was then used as a racing simulator and a live-streaming platform.

And now the TFZ-P1 is making its racing game debut in GRID Legends, Codemasters' criminally underrated racing game. Available as a free download, the TFZ-P1 can be found in the Trackday Hypercars class.

TFX-P1 on display at Goodwood with GRID Legends livery

If you’re visiting the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week, the full-scale TFX-P1 is on display at the Go Electric stand with a new custom GRID Legends livery. Visitors can drive the TFX-P1 in GRID Legends while sitting in the cockpit of the actual car.

Team Fordzilla P1 GRID Legends livery
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You can drive the Team Fordzilla P1 in GRID Legends while sitting in the actual car at the Goodwood of Speed

“We’ve now come full circle; what started as a promise has now been realized by giving the TFZ-P1 race car back into the hands of gamers. On top of that, we’re also creating the ultimate experience of driving the TFZ-P1 race car in GRID Legends while sitting in the actual race car itself. You really have to experience the drive to see how cool this actually is.

With Season 1 of the TFZ-P1 project we’ve only started to scratch the surface of what’s possible and we’ll continue to further blur the boundaries between digital and real worlds in the future.”

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