First GRID Legends expansion could bring back demolition derby

Released back in February, GRID Legends was the first major racing game release of 2022. Unfortunately, the fact it was released just one week before Gran Turismo 7 means that GRID Legends has been criminally overlooked.

GRID Legends offers intense arcade-style racing, an innovative online multiplayer, and a surprisingly good story mode.

Despite low sales, Codemasters is still supporting GRID Legends post-release with car packs and expansions.  

First GRID Legends expansion teased

After releasing several game updates, Codemasters has teased the first GRID Legends expansion on social media in a short 15-second clip. Details are scarce, but the video shows a heavily damaged ice cream van smashing through barrels and performing a jump alongside another car.

This could hint at demolition derby returning to GRID Legends. The video is also titled “A smashing teaser,” also hinting at a destruction theme.

Fans will remember the demolition derby mode in the original Race Driver GRID, which featured a chaotic figure of eight-track and a fictional banger race car. Demolition derby returned in GRID 2 and GRID Autosport and was also a central mode in the DiRT Showdown spin-off, but was notably absent in the 2019 GRID reboot.

GRID 2 Demolition Derby Pack
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The demolition derby mode was last featured in GRID Autosport

You could argue that Wreckfest already satisfies our appetite for destruction. Nevertheless, demolition derby would add even more variety to GRID Legends’ multitude of racing disciplines.

GRID Legends expansion release date

We shouldn’t have to wait long to find out more about the new GRID Legends expansion.

GRID Legends expansion teaser
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GRID Legends' first expansion will either be revealed or released next week on 21 June.

The teaser video points to a 21 June date; likely when the first GRID Legends expansion will be released.

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