FlatOut-inspired destruction racer Trail Out smashes onto Steam in September

Thanks to the success of Wreckfest, Destruction racing games have seen a resurgence in recent years. Stuntfest - World Tour is launching on Steam Early Access later this year and there’s also Wreckreation coming next year from the creators of Burnout.

If you’re a fan of the FlatOut series, there’s another new destruction racer that should be on your radar: Trail Out.

Trail Out smashes onto Steam in September

From developer Good Boys, Trail Out is clearly heavily inspired by Bugbear’s original FlatOut games - right down to the stunt mini games where you eject your driver through the windscreen.

Whereas Wreckfest opts for realistic car handling and damage modelling, Trail Out looks like it has a faster pace, with lighter vehicle handling, crashes, explosions, and destructible environments reminiscent of FlatOut 2.

Trail Out screenshot
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Trail Out sees you drive as racer Mihalych in a story with characters and cut scenes where you try to win a festival by defeating bosses.

With over 40 customisable cars in different classes, 45 tracks ranging from city circuits with dangerous crossroads to derby arenas, and eight game modes, Trail Out is packed with content.

Trail Out screenshot
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Essentially, Trail Out looks like a new FlatOut game with modern graphics and physics. That's no bad thing considering the FlatOut series has been dormant since 2017’s FlatOut 4: Total Insanity. This could be a fun arcadey alternative to Wreckfest for racing fans with an appetite for destruction.

Release date

Priced at $20 (UK pricing is yet to be confirmed), Trail Out is smashing onto Steam on 7 September. Console releases are also planned for PS4 and Nintendo Switch in 2023.

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