Stuntfest - World Tour looks like a cross between Wreckfest, Destruction AllStars, and FlatOut

Following last month’s leak, THQ Nordic has revealed Stuntfest - World Tour, an over-the-top action driving game combining racing, crashing, and driver-ejecting stunts.

You may recall that Stuntfest was rumoured to be in development by Wreckfest’s BugBear Entertainment, but this is not the case. Instead, development is being handled by Pow Wow Entertainment, an independent studio based in Vienna best known for the Steam sandbox game MisBits.

In Stuntfest, up to 18 players compete online to become the champion of an elimination-based stunt show tournament. You won’t just be wrecking cars, though.

Driver-ejecting stunts inspired by FlatOut

As the announcement trailer shows, drivers can be ejected from the car and launched hundreds of metres into the air, with ragdoll physics reminding us of the minigames in the old FlatOut games.

Stuntfest World Tour announcement screenshot
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Stuntfest combines Wreckfest's destruction with FlatOut's driver-ejecting stunts.

Players can then control the driver through the air, bounce off pads, and reach hidden shortcuts to get ahead of the race. Like in Destruction AllStars, players can hop in other cars around the arena to keep the action fast-paced.

Vehicles can also be customised, while character avatars range from “a punkster granny to a famous streamer.” Game modes will vary from a traditional demolition derby to jet-powered glider racing. Tracks are filled with ramps and loop-the-loops, providing plenty of opportunities to perform crazy stunts.

No single-player modes are mentioned, suggesting that Stuntfest - World Tour is an online-only game. This could limit its replayability if it doesn’t attract a large player base.

Based on footage in the trailer taken from a pre-alpha build running on Unreal Engine 4, Stuntfest - World Tour appears to be in an early stage of development. The Fortnite-style graphics look rough at this stage, but there’s still time to polish the game up.

Stuntfest World Tour announcement screenshot glider
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One of Stuntfest's game modes sees you race with jet-powered gliders.

Release date

Stuntfest World Tour has no release date. According to THQ Nordic, Stuntfest World Tour will launch on Steam Early Access later this year.

There's no word yet on a console launch yet, but we’re hoping Stuntfest will land on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S at a later date.

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