GRID Legends confirms the return of Yokohama Docks

We're less than two months away from the release of GRID Legends, and Codemasters is starting to tease us with new info.

The latest is the return of a much-loved classic from Race Driver: GRiD, Yokohama Docks!

Yokohama Docks returns

We didn't get to race around Yokohama Docks in the 2019 GRID, and fans were disappointed not to see the old track named in the initial release of GRID Legends tracks.

Now though, Codemasters has confirmed its return.

One for the drifters, Yokohama Docks' return means we could well see other classic GRID locations like Miami and Chicago also return.

Along with Yokohama Docks, we know that GRID Legends will include two new locations in London and Moscow, as well as a huge new tracks called Strada Alpina. This long, fast, track evokes the feel of a Le Mans or old-school Spa and sends you screaming through a mountainous and lush landscape.

GRID Legends release date

The arrival of GRID Legends is rapidly approaching.

With an official release date of 25 February we are just weeks away from roaring around the track and starting our journey to the GRID World Series.

GRID Legends Porsche 962C
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GLORIOUS: GRID Legends looks stunning

GRID Legends is set to feature a ground-breaking story mode titled "Driven to Glory". Featuring the use of Extended Reality and real-life actors it puts the player in the role of the underdog trying to overcome old villain Nathan McCain as well as a global cast of drivers, engineers and team owners.

It looks like it will drop you into a true universe of racing and ask you to hit the track and dominate.

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