GRID Legends Rise of Ravenwest DLC adds four new cars and a classic track

Not long after the Enduring Spirit expansion was released, the third GRID Legends DLC expansion has arrived, with the Rise of Ravenwest DLC adding four new cars, a classic track, and new chapters for the Driven to Glory story mode.

GRID Legends Rise of Ravenwest

Whereas the last expansion was all about endurance racing, the third Grid Legends expansion focuses on Ravenwest Motorsport’s Nathan McKane, the antagonist of the GRID series who made his live-action debut in the Driven to Glory story mode.

GRID Legends Rise of Ravenwest screenshot
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11 new story chapters chronicle the rise of the Ravenwest team in the GRID World Series Championships.

Highlighting the key moments that led to Nathan McKane’s five GRID World Series titles, each era has a unique visual style inspired by older GRID games, from Ravenwest’s first appearance in the early 2000s up to Race Driver: GRID and beyond.

Four new cars

As well as the new story chapters, the Rise of Ravenwest expansion includes four new cars that “represent the evolution and undertone of Ravenwest.”

GRID Legends Rise of Ravenwest screenshot
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The Rise of Ravenwest DLC includes the following cars:

BMW 320 Turbo Group 5

1967 Chevrolet Corvette

1971 Plymouth GTX

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback 

The Miami street circuit also returns for the first time since GRID 2 with six layouts and updated assets. Existing routes have also

In addition, there are three new sponsored Career Events along with new icons, liveries, and banners plus ten new achievements and trophies.

GRID Legends Rise of Ravenwest screenshot
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“Constantly racing with a chip on his shoulder, navigating family expectations and criticism from the media, this new DLC gives us the opportunity to explore the story behind the series’ antagonist. There is more to his ‘take no prisoners’ racing style and ‘win at all costs’ mentality than the eye can see,” said Paul Lovell, Senior Games Designer at Codemasters.

“We invite players to dig deeper into the story of one of the most interesting and controversial characters within the GRID universe, fighting off the competition and ensuring Ravenwest’s success no matter the cost.”

The GRID Legends Rise of Ravenwest pack is available now. It can be purchased for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC, or is included as part of the Deluxe Edition at no extra charge.

GRID Legends Update v5.0 Patch Notes

Coinciding with the Rise of Ravenwest DLC expansion is a new patch update with numerous bug fixes and adjustments. More details can be found in the GRID Legends update V5.0 patch notes below.


  • Several environmental track adjustments have been made
  • Objective progress that was reset relating to ‘Finish X or higher,’ should now be displaying correctly in certain circumstances


  • Resolved an issue with joining in-progress multi-round events, where the wrong vehicle will be selected
  • The session browser now prioritizes Friend lobbies
  • After a host migration, the new host will be able to create a new Race Creator session
  • Race Creators sessions featuring DLC cars should now be loanable for all players
  • Resolved an issue when joining a sponsor objective lobby and selecting a vehicle


  • Multiple minor UI fixes have been made throughout the game
  • Several stability adjustments have been made, reducing the frequency of game crashes


  • Several translation and localisation tweaks have been made, as well as the removal of some unsupported characters
  • A tweak to the MINI Miglia’s audio has been made to avoid an issue before changing gears
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