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Jected – Rivals is a new free-to-play stunt racer smashing onto Steam Early Access

Jected – Rivals is a new free-to-play stunt racer smashing onto Steam Early Access

Not to be confused with Wreckfest, Stuntfest – World Tour was announced last summer.

Looking like a cross between FlatOut and Destruction AllStars, Stuntfest was billed as an action-packed “stunt royale” mixing racing, demolition derby and extreme sports stunts with the ability to eject drivers from cars. 

Nearly a year after its announcement, the over-the-top stunt racer has a new name. Say goodbye to Stuntfest – World Tour and hello to Jected – Rivals.

Jected – Rivals crashing onto Steam Early Access

THQ Nordic, which also publishes Wreckfest, has announced Stuntfest – World Tour has been rebranded as Jected – Rivals. It's debatable if this is a better name, but Jected is presumably referencing the ability to eject the driver out of the car.

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Jected – Rivals focuses on elimination-style tournaments. Harking back to the FlatOut games, a push of a button ejects the hapless driver out of the car. As you fly in the sky, you can then control your character to crash through obstacles and use gadgets such as gliders to find shortcuts.

Up to 18 players can cause carnage in elimination events while game modes range from traditional demolition derbies to extreme sports glider races. Vehicles can be customised and upgraded, while characters can be customised with skins from "a punkster granny to a zombie priest.”

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Coming to Steam Early Access

A final release date is not set yet, but Jected – Rivals is crashing onto Steam Early Access as a free-to-play title on 4 May, so anyone who has a Steam account can try it out.

No plans for console ports were mentioned, so Jected – Rivals is a PC-only game for now.

Let's hope Jected can fill the void while we wait for a Wreckfest sequel. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a new destruction racer on console, it's worth keeping an eye on the FlatOut-inspired Trail Out, which is smashing onto PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch later this year.

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