Neodori Forever is a new retro racer with randomly generated levels

Thanks to indie developers, arcade racers are having a revival, with titles like Hotshot Racing, Horizon Chase Turbo, and Slipstream harking back to retro 80s and 90s arcade games.

Joining this growing list of tribute games is Neodori Forever, a new retro racer developed by Strobetano for the last two years.

Randomly generated levels

Neodori Forever is a retro-inspired, endless 3D arcade racing game inspired by the classics. Visually, the colourful, low-poly art style echoes early 3D racers like Ridge Racer and Virtua Racing.

Neodori Forever screenshot
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Randomly generated tracks mean you'll never race the same track twice.

As you blast through a variety of vibrant environments, you’ll encounter rivals to challenge while dodging traffic at high speed and collecting power-ups and coins to expand your car collection and gain speed boosts.

While there are 11+ unique environments with a day and night cycle, randomly generated levels mean you’ll never play the same track twice.

The 25+ unlockable cars are unlicensed but are inspired by real Japanese models such as the Toyota Sprinter Trueno from Initial D and the iconic Nissan Skyline.

Neodori Forever features three game modes: Simple Race is a free drive mode allowing players to select a car and environment and simply enjoy the drive.

Versus mode adds AI opponents to race against, while Forever mode lets you freely explore all world zones. Sadly, Neodori Forever doesn't appear to support local or online multiplayer, likely due to the developer's limited resources.

Coming to Steam and mobiles

Neodori Forever drifts onto Steam on 23 June. It will face some stiff competition, Victory Heat Rally, yet another retro-style arcade racer, is also coming this year.

Neodori Forever screenshot
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Neodori Forever is inspired by classic 3D arcade racers like Ridge Racer and Virtua Racing.

A mobile release will follow a few days later. The mobile version will be free-to-play with adverts, with an ad-free premium option available.

A wider console release hasn’t been announced, but the developer is considering porting Neodori Forever to Nintendo Switch if the PC and mobile games are successful.

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