RaceLeague lets you create and share your own tracks

Created by lone Finish developer Jali Hautala of Oversteer Studios, RaceLeague is a new indie racer with a focus on user-generated content and multiplayer. After four years of development, RaceLeague has arrived on Steam Early Access.

Create and share your own tracks

One of RaceLeague’s most innovative features is its track builder. Using an intuitive in-game editor, players can create their dream race track, with the ability to map out the layout, add gravel traps, and place trackside objects such as trees. Custom tracks can then be shared online for other players to try.

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It reminds us of ModNation Racers without the cartoony aesthetic. Environments are also destructible, with trackside tyres flying in the air and barriers bending when you crash into them.

Whereas indie games like Horizon Chase Turbo and Hotshot Racing pay tribute to retro arcade racers, RaceLeague is taking a more realistic approach. The damage modelling is impressive for an indie game, with detachable bumpers, body panels, and wings as well as deformable tyre walls.

There’s even a realistic tyre simulation: unexpected punctures will require an emergency pit stop. For a one-man team, RaceLeague is an incredibly ambitious project.

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Three fictional cars are available in the current Early Access build. These include a 4WD rallycross car, a single seater, and a GT car seemingly inspired by the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. Future updates will add more cars as well as new features like weather, replays, a configurable cockpit view, and improved physics, audio, and damage effects. 

Out now on Steam Early Access

If you want to try RaceLeague, it’s available on Steam Early Access priced at £19.49. Until 2 August, you can get a ten percent discount, reducing the price to £17.54.

Hautala plans for RaceLeague to stay in Early Access for around 12 months. Players have reported bugs and optimisation problems in the current build, but these issues can hopefully be ironed out for the final release.

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