Redout 2 Nintendo Switch release date revealed

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Redout 2 landed on PC, PlayStation and Xbox last month. Despite the steep learning curve, we enjoyed Redout 2 immensely and highly recommend it if you’re pining for a new WipEout game.

A Nintendo Switch version was originally supposed to be released last month alongside the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC versions, but was delayed at the last minute to allow for “a little more polish time.”

Now, 34BigThings has announced the Redout 2 Nintendo Switch release date – and it’s coming very soon.

Redout 2 Nintendo Switch release date revealed

The Nintendo Switch version of Redout 2 will be released on 19 July, one month after the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox versions.

No gameplay footage has been released, but Redout 2 will likely be capped at 30fps on the less powerful Nintendo Switch while running at a lower resolution.

Nintendo’s hybrid console outputs at a maximum 1080p resolution in docked mode and 720p in handheld. Hopefully, these compromises won’t reduce Redout 2’s eye-melting sense of speed that makes it so thrilling to play too much.

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All content from the other versions should carry over to Nintendo Switch. Redout 2 features 36 futuristic race tracks across ten locations – that’s double the number of locations in the first game.

There are also six game modes (Time Attack, Race, Arena Race, Last Man Standing, Speed, and Boss) a lengthy career mode with over 250 events, and 12 customisable ships.

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Redout 2 review

You can read our Redout 2 review to find out our verdict on 34BigThings’ anti-gravity racer. Completionists can also check out our trophy and achievement guide.

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