Rumour: New Codemasters WRC game lets you build your own rally car

Codemasters WRC game

Codemasters WRC game

After seven years Kylotonn’s WRC game series is ending with the release of WRC Generations next month. A new era is about to begin as next year’s WRC game will be developed by Codemasters. A licensing agreement will see Codemasters develop WRC games from 2023 to 2027.

Considering WRC Generations isn’t out yet, it’s going to be a while until Codemasters reveals the next WRC game. However, reliable EA insider Tom Henderson has revealed the first tantalising details of the new Codemasters WRC game, which will bring innovation to the series.

Build your own rally car

According to Henderson via Insider Gamer, the big new feature in Codemasters WRC game (likely to be called WRC 23 in line with EA’s other Codemasters racing franchises like F1 22) will be the ability to build your own rally car.

This won’t only be cosmetic and mechanical upgrades – WRC 23 will reportedly let you build your own rally car from the ground up.

Codemasters WRC 23
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This process will apparently start with players selecting a drivetrain and picking a mid, or rear-engine drive. With a drivetrain selected, players will then be able to buy an engine, differential, gearbox, clutch, radiator, suspension, brakes, and exhaust with an in-game currency system.

Henderson adds that prices will vary depending on the condition of parts - used and worn parts will be cheaper than brand-new ones.

Cosmetic customisation will be similarly in-depth, with players “able to pick everything they can think of from big to small” from the front and rear bumpers to wheels, mudguards, and bonnet pins.

Codemasters WRC 23
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This level of customisation extends to the interior too, with the ability to customise the steering wheel and digital display, to the seatbelt design and roll cage colour.

Hendrson also claims that players can create multiple car builds, test drive them, and swap parts before confirming the build.

As for official cars, WRC 23 will reportedly feature 16 classes including WRC, WRC2, F2 Kitcar and H1 FWD.

DIRT Rally 3 cancelled

It all sounds very ambitious for the first game in a new WRC series. However, Codemasters has a lot of rally game pedigree having developed the original Colin McRae Rally series, which evolved into the DIRT series.

Codemasters WRC 23
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It’s believed that WRC 23 will be based on the same engine as the cancelled DIRT Rally 3 that was apparently due to be released soon to cut costs and save time.

We must stress that these WRC 23 details are rumours and won’t be confirmed until Codemasters officially reveals WRC 23 next year, but Henderson is known to be a reliable leaker.

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